Sunday, October 05, 2008

a confession

i kind of like doing domestic-y things.

i realize this conveniently coincides with me not jobbing it yet/having little-to-no major responsibilities, but still! unemployment isn't necessarily a recipe for clean house success and frankly, i'm relieved to find i even have it in me.

(one of the groomsmen's speeches at our wedding recalled a conversation we had where i said, quote: "i'm stepping in a pair of my undies on the kitchen floor while i make eggs." ...if that puts things into perspective)

but dare i say i'm feeling something close to zen these days whilst making said home?

a few things i credit:

a) aprons!
b) method products - thanks for the hook-up rach! seriously a game changer; non-tox cleaning is where it's at. (i'd like to specifically pimp the grapefruit all surface cleaner. hearts.)
c) throwing out the stuff we don't need and making room for the stuff we do.
d) finding recipes (cc approved or it ain't worth the trubs) and making lists before i go grocery shopping. also eating a snack before leaving and going at night when people are scarce.
e) doing a little bit all the time.
f) my record player set to "play"
g) reading every post of this blog.
h) realizing how ohhhhm i feel when there's food to eat and room to walk.

add a job and a baby (yes, yes i know not yet, not yet) and i'm sure things'll get harder, but i think something's shifted for good and that's good.

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