Thursday, October 16, 2008

an exciting report you're dying to read

san francisco's main squeeze in the grocery store department is a little place called safeway. my business consultant hub-sband has explained to me (and i've pretended to understand) why supermarkets are regional businesses vs. national, so i'll just assume you don't know anything about safeway unless you live here. (you're not missing anything and should focus your jealousy, instead, on the peeps who get to shop at piggy wiggly, because - wow.)

point is, we don't have much choice, so when i'm feeling too poor for whole foods i shop at safeway. because there are a few of them scattered through the city, we use variations on their names to differentiate between them. the one we usually go to, down in the marina, is called "sexway" because, well, i guess people find sex there? married people don't know about sex, but i read in a magazine once it involves nudity. every aisle has a lot of zack morris lookalikes wearing sweaters around their shoulders, holding hands with their lululemon-clad girlfriends named buffy, and buying pricey beers. it's super fun.

gaggy, but until recently, the only close alternative has been "unsafeway" - aptly named for its, well, lack of safeness. but! cc informed me they re-did the place and so i gave it a shot tonight. and why, hello normal people! where have you been all my life? oh, you're actually looking at price tags, too? oh, you don't have an obnoxious 12 carat diamond on your finger either? oh, you're picking up 12 cans of tuna for a dollar, too? sweet jesus what a relief. may i never see buffy in line again.

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