Friday, October 17, 2008

i read this thing about suri cruise

in some tacky tabloid while waiting in a too-long target line, saying tom and katie clear out teddy bear stores when suri wants to buy a teddy bear and empty gymnasiums when she wants to bounce on bouncy things. while i realize there are probably some good reasons for their choices - crazy people sometimes steal famous babies and/or we non-scientologists might leak some of our sanity into her ears - i mostly think it's sad they make her play solo all the time and can only see bad things coming from it.

that being said.

don't you wish someone would run around and clear public places out for you? what if thrift stores or the gym or starbucks were always empty and you could just stroll along and take your time and maybe do a yoga stretch if you were feeling stiff waiting for your caramel macchiato? nobody smacking their bubbalicious or shuffling their feet or breathing out their carbon dioxide? oh, i would hit the stores and shore up the economy so fast, joe six pack - or plumber for that matter - wouldn't know what hit him.

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