Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i think there should be a store

where you can rent cute interview outfits. lord knows i'd use it. my interview garms are s-a-d right now, but when your whole reason for wanting to look good is acquiring cash you don't have, it somehow doesn't seem quite right to spend money before it's a done deal? of course there's the spend money to make money philosophy, but i'm not sure that applies to jersey dresses and chunky necklaces.

and so i sit here and think over every potential, appropriate combination of workish things i own. there's the pale pink, 3/4 oxford shirt from j crew i bought 4.5 years ago after college graduation? but no, the buttons now gap and stacy and clinton would punch me. (note: cc isn't complaining.) or, er, the now-dated white blazer i bought during the same trip or the gray urban outfitters pants with the weird pockets that bulge when i sit down or the wrap dress from the gap that is so low-cut, i once had to tell my boss in the middle of a meeting:

"i'm sorry you can see my whole chest right now."

i always manage to piece together something that works okay, but there's something to be said for feeling really effing great about your appearance when you walk into that interview. not that tan pants with tan pumps and a brown button down shirt doesn't scream you know you want me it's just that you have to put a little extra swagger in your step to sell it.

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