Tuesday, October 07, 2008

reality bites describes my life

Interviewer 1: Now, radio is all instinct, Lelaina. Do you know where all the radio comes from? The gut. It's all in the gut. Because when you think on your feet...got to go from your gut. And my gut is telling me that, uh...this isn't gonna work out.
Lelaina: Maybe your gut's just saying you're hungry or...
Interviewer 1: Oh, no, no, no, no. It's telling me that, uh...you're overqualified for this job.
Lelaina: I'm really not that smart.

Interviewer 2: No offense, sweetie, but you don't have any experience on a newspaper. You're TV.
Lelaina: Well, I'm trying to make my transition to print journalism.
Interviewer 2: Ah. Why?
Lelaina: Well, newspapers are the last watchdogs...of our... our government. They enforce the checks and balances. And one half-hour of TV only adds up to...
Interviewer 2: OK. All right. Define irony.
Lelaina: Irony. Uh...Irony. It's a noun. It's when something is... ironic. It's, uh... Well, I can't really define irony...but I know it when I see it!

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