Sunday, October 12, 2008

the reason i don't understand rocks

as part of her wedding gift to me, my friend stephanie gave me back a box of the old notes i wrote her in high school. we had a very (very) prolific note-writing career, we did, and aside from the occasional spasm of humiliation, i'm really enjoying some of the gems i crafted. here is a taste of my favorites:

do you ever actually study for math? i never have in my life.

why must every teacher in this school have a picture of einstein hanging up? please.

i can't wait to wander the halls this afternoon.

the girls were getting all excited and everyone was like "yeah! we should try and get the groton school field and have a soccer scrimmage at the party!!! omigod what a good idea yeah!!" i was like hello this is a party. you're supposed to eat and sit down.

when a teacher says "your homework tonight is studying" i say to myself 'great! i have no homework!'

i'm frightened that my TI-82 will get stolen.

these pants have a lot of stains on them and i just want to read my mary higgins clark book.

i am very proud: today i did my spanish homework and - surprise! - even my geology. it's been about a month, maybe two, so i figured maybe i should start?

my mind is gone, have to go find it.


  1. geology? really?

  2. haahh i'm glad you got them. there were some real gems in there...I was pretty amazed that we were that funny! I was cracking up.

    Did you also see the one that was like, 'I'm sure I'm going to marry someone named Jason and you Adam.' love it.


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