Friday, October 24, 2008

thank you for your votes, my people

it looks like, aside from

a) my lovely husband


b) anonymous

the bangs have it.

i tend to agree with mr. anonymous on the get-a-job-first thing, not so much because my visible forehead = i'm smart, but because i might feel all "not me" at interviews and that's never good. (also, haircuts are expensive, yo!)

and to avoid being one of those creeps on what not to wear who won't cut her hair because "my husband will be mad!" i'm trying to ignore cc's "no thank yous" - even though he'd be staring at my bangs the most hours - because i know he'll get into whatever i choose.

which isn't to say he won't throw a lamp at my head ala my little brother circa 1990 after my mom came home with a perm. but then he'll get into it. eventually.

so unfortunately no real-life pics to show yet, but bja most appreciates all your opinions and will continue with her up-to-the-minute hair analysis. and if you're from california, please vote no on prop 8.

subtle segue, right?


  1. Trevor10:43 AM

    the funny thing was I was going to make a reference to the lamp, but you beat me apparently...

    the new york times is reporting a "no" vote is currently leading but not by much.

    i think the lamp holds my precedent opinion.

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Cool heads prevail.


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