Monday, October 06, 2008


after coughing and coughing and gasping and coughing and coughing i finally figured out ohhhhhh: i'm having an asthma attack. like, a two-week asthma attack. tho i've had this fun disease since i was 8 or so, it's always been the low-grade chronic kind, always poking me on the shoulder hi! i'm here!

(have you ever walked up a hill with me? it's a special form of a torture for the both of us)

but only really bad during exercise and extreme temps. never this holy god, stop the suffocating, may i have a large plate of oxygen with my cup of tea please?

not exactly sure why i'm suddenly blue-lipped, but i do know: i'm an idiot and have refused to take any meds for the past year, not wanting all those chemicals in my bod. or something hippie dippie dumb like that.

luckily i found a just-expired emergency inhaler and i'm eating it like candy until my doctor's appointment on wednesday where i fully intend to suck down all chemicals known to man.

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