Friday, November 21, 2008

as much as i pee

my new coworkers most definitely think i'm puking up all those string cheeses. the ladies room locale is very un-feng-shui. it's right near the lobby and front desk so both guests and receptionist are privy to my frequent visits. it's also directly across from a glass-walled meeting room, always filled with senior types. and i have to walk from the way back to the way front of the office, passing every single person's desk on my journey.

and now, i go even more frequently because of my new addiction. yoga in the stall.

i get so sleepy and cramped at my desk and as much as the english breakfast tea and npr podcasts help, it's not enough. so i sneak into the handicap stall and do a bunch of poses until i hear the outside door squeak and i saunter out to wash my hands. a must after downward dog on a bathroom floor. disturbed that i'll do that but won't use a sponge? so am i.

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  1. you touch the bathroom floor?... but it's method, so it must be clean.


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