Friday, November 14, 2008


if a thief hadn't thiefed us, i would take a pic of my new 'do. i'm hard at work on a pinhole camera, but until that's complete you'll have to use your imagination. i'm happy with the new look, although my stylist cut the bangs a little too long - which is better than too short of course, so i'm not crying. i can wear them down and completely straight across - my preference - but then i'm stuck blowing hair out of my eyes all day. so i'm wearing them down and straight across but also sort of pushed over a little. i think the whole thing looks especially cute when my hair is up; sort of ballet-dancer-from-1977-ish?

wow. this is boring even to me.

i might as well start typing what i ate today. (cinnamon swirl oatmeal and english breakfast tea in the morning + sweet and sour chicken with an iced tea for lunch. i'm making chicken enchiladas tonight. the end.)

in summary: i like them, cc is adjusting, i think you'll dig, and at my free bang trim in two weeks i'll get them cut shorter.

i'm sort of short on other news. except that it's 78 degrees and sunny here in san francisco and my internal thermometer is very confused. holiday starbucks cups + tank tops?

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  1. christie3:25 PM

    Aww! What a tease! I want to see the bangs. NOW.


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