Monday, November 24, 2008

cc's on the road again

so i took him to the airport this morning. this was our little routine when i was unemployed: wake up early, enjoy a nice ride together, he flies off into the sunrise, i drive back to a soundtrack of npr then sleep for 3 more hours.

now that i'm working, i'm a little nervous for the crash that's going to happen around noon (or nine) today. i'm fortified with caffeine and the knowledge of a short week, but that can only take a girl so far. if i'm going to be a teacher one day, as i'm seriously considering, i'll have to get used to earlier hours eventually though, right? do you think it's possible to rewire your natural body rhythms so that waking up early is actually enjoyable for a night owl like myself?

because i can really see the benefits of it if i could make it work: up before anything is clamoring for me, traffic is none, fog's creeping in, a cup of tea and a couch. maybe a walk and some oatmeal? i would like that.

but to swing that i'd have to be asleep by 10, which doesn't quite compute with my brain. that's when dirty jobs starts! oh but wait, amy, wait. these timings are not relevant to your life anymore, silly girl. have you forgotten that you and your hubs-band have embarked on a cable-free adventure soon as they turn off our box? (we've canceled, but are milking it for all its worth.)

too much caffeine = i talk to myself.

you see, now that we've got netflix streaming into our xbox, which brings us tons of stuff with just a click (awkward phrasing i still use after doing ads for comcast, brain = poisoned.), i feel a lot less nervous than if i'd just signed up for me + aladdin on vhs. we'll have plenty to watch, just no commercials and less channel surfing through dumb things (parking wars anyone?) when i should be writing/reading/cooking/pumping iron. weeeeeeeesh us luck!


  1. I've tried this early morning business and it doesn't work for me either. I got up early twice to work out and I was a zombie. Some of us just aren't wired that way!

  2. my hubby and i are thinking about doing the netflix thing! but i'm spoiled about the tv thing. i'm one of those people that likes the tv on at all times, just for noise. it's an annoying habit i got from my mama. :(

    found your blog the other day. love it. bye. :D

  3. ps) we both do this a lot in our blogs:

    a) give reason
    b) give reason

    that's another reason i like your face.

    and you have a nie recovery badge.
    goodbye again.


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