Sunday, November 30, 2008

i never feel so yankee

as i do after a trip to texas. i can't pinpoint exactly what's different except - i definitely am. i talk a little too fast, can't pronounce pecan (i say "pee-kan" instead of "pah-cahn"), and i still don't understand football. i worry for the day we've got kiddos to bring 'round, because wow those southern babies are done up so cute. i'm fairly certain ours will be clad in onesies + barefoot + koolaid mustache.

but dang those texans can cook! yams with brown sugar, sweet rolls, sweet tea, sweet potato pie (noticing a theme?), cheese grits, green bean casserole (i could eat this everyday, all day), ham, cheesy rice, turkey, gravy, buttermilk pie, red velvet cake, and oh my god ---- potato chips sprinkled with chocolate and caramel. geen-ius.

later on in the week, we ate cajun (red beans + sausage + rice + banana pudding) then bbq (beef brisket, mac and cheese, cole slaw, toast: a wedding flashback!) i hurt myself/jammed myself with all the choosings. and don't feel a bit bad about it. power yoga x 7 days = start now.

tomorrow it's back to my dry pita sandwiches and grape juice eaten quietly at a quiet desk. self-pity binge swapped out for a food binge! a low-cal option fo sho.

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