Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i'm always delighted after our laundry is done


a) not fun!

but mostly

b) i realize oh! i kind of have clothes!

because you see, before going out to sushi with the hubs or brunch with the book club ladies i have lots of mini nervous breakdowns when i look in my closet. i can't find anything i like or anything that fits or really anything at all.

but then i throw some tide on top of things and my raincloud dries up. (or, really, just moves along to something else - like seeing all those dead pigs piled up inside that same truck in chinatown every morning. and you were jealous of my commute.)

this whole america's-po'-now-so-try-shopping-in-your-closet thing is a mind-blow. combine my recent much-needed staple acquistions from target ( i used a gift certificate + $34 of my own dollars, don't hate!) with my current stash and turns out i've got black leggings and skinny black stretchy pants and blue jeans and plain tanks and tanks with stripes and basic dresses for layering and a few colored cardigans and stretchy/soft turtlenecks and even some accessories. i won't say i'm rocking my dream wardrobe or anything, but after all is washed and folded - i'm not mad at what i got.

(except comfortable black ballet flats for everyday wear -- any recommendations!? i'll spend as little as a penny, as much as...fi'ty?)

add to this my rabid library usage and my store-brand spaghetti sauce purchasing and it looks like i'm one step away from making potholders out of old jeans. my family should be getting very excited for their upcoming christmas presents.

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