Sunday, December 14, 2008

as the new year approaches

i've really started to think re: life priorities.

and when i say life priorities, i mean the commencement of american idol in january and whether i'll find a way, sans cable, to watch it this year. i've followed the past seven seasons (hi, i'm old) with rabid (except the fantasia year, that was more along the lines of tepid) interest.

but dedication has been waning over the past couple years (there was nowhere to go but down - we used to tape - vhs - every song clay aiken sang...) and without my own cable i'd have to procure a fellow fan and then glom onto them and their couch twice a week? unlikely. also i'll be in classes tuesday and wednesday starting january. also that new songwriter judge chick is going to ruin everything.

hmm. thank you for walking me through this. it has been cathartic and informative. i do believe that seacrest...i'm out.


  1. correct me if I'm wrong by American Idol is on network television no?

  2. that is correct, young sir. but in getting rid of cable, we're actually getting rid of all tv. (our big screen is only a monitor/doesn't have a built-in tuner, etc.)

    so...yeah. goodbye abc, cbs, nbc, fox and pbs. we're working on finagling a way to get those, but it'll be a few months prolly.

  3. solution is in the works.


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