Monday, December 08, 2008

bja's small/random/affordable gift guide

things i like that you might want to purchase for people you heart (including yourself):

a) kiehls is famous for its essential oils, especially the musk. for 16 bucks you get this teensy (but not too teensy) vintage-y glass bottle filled with enough oil to last you a long time/lifetime. (one small drop = a lot of scent.) they’re all supa delicious/pure/clean, don’t give me a headache (rare) and are unisex. i rock the musk and have my eye on cucumber.

b) unclear why these boots get so many mixed reviews; if you order them online perhaps the picture is misleading? i bought mine in person and was beyond psyched when I found them for 30 dollas. they’re a dull/matte black (I hate a shine), completely flat, made of a strange moon boot material (it’s really not pretending to be leather, which i appreciate) and have a small opening/circumference for skinny calves. they’re comfortable, and cute with a dress (like today) or over pants/leggings, etc. my best find in a long time.

c) yes, i work for them, but i’d love this stuff no matter what. doesn’t matter if you’re a grownup, a baby, or a grownup with a baby - i do believe you'll enjoy it. this lotion is creamy, moisturizing without being greasy and smells incredible. if you could bottle that “baby smell” it’d be this; sweet, delicate, homey. i like to rub it into my neck and temples before bedtime.

d) my mom and I found this at cvs, during one of a few makeup trips pre-wedding. i had no idea what it was for, but it looked delightful and i do enjoy me some carmindy, so i dropped the 11 bucks. i don’t do foundation, so i use this on its own – if you do wear foundation, you’d use this stuff first.

after (or sometimes instead of) moisturizing, i use one pump and rub into my whole face. i have no idea how, but it adds 1) brightness 2) a tiny imperceptible shimmer 3) serious softness. it doesn’t bring any color, but it just makes me look more awake and dewy. love, love, love.


  1. it would be super cute to buy some of that oil + maybe like some vintage jars or something & you could use the oil to make separate perfumes, or massage stuff, or a candle or something.

    unfortunately for me, i suck at creativity and would end up making all my friends smell like their junk was smothered in "musk"

  2. such a good idea! i could buy some basic lotion at cvs and fancy it up with a special jar and some vanilla or cuke oil...hmmm i wonder if i could pull this off...(history says no, foolish optimism says yes...)

  3. Totally agree about Carmindy's Your Skin foundation. Blends perfectly so all you see is glowing skin. LUV it.

  4. totally agree about Carmindy's Your Skin makeup. everyone has been complimenting my skin, thinking it looks like that when I wake up. I don't correct them, but do tell the ladies to try her stuff. a-mazing


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