Thursday, December 11, 2008


this isn't like when i discovered npr and caffeine and frasier. i've always loved a good movie. but with our new netflix sitch, i can think up a movie i want to watch and without leaving my couch or fumbling with the dvd player it's abracadabra! playing without previews or commercials and damn that's rad.

i'm especially finding the easy access to old movies intoxicating. like right now - i'm watching the way we were. i've always wanted to see it - especially after the sex+city girls reference it way back in the day - but not really enough to walk to the rental joint or move it to the top of the queue. but this is super low risk - i press a button on my laptop and then i continue to sit some more. and if it's good, i watch the whole thing and if it's not, i don't.

i said to my brother, film geek extraordinaire, tonight: "movies are great! they don't have commercials!" mostly joking, but also serious because wow! when all i'm watching is movies i sure appreciate the lack of all those bullshit blah blah blahs. (i was a model account executive.)

okay but a few quick comments on tonight's feature.

**forgot to add spoiler alert here last night and sorta ruined the end for a friend. sorry sharon! other readers, proceed with caution.**

a) barbra streisand is a good actress! who knew?
b) i totally identify with robert redford's character and despise barb's. except for when she hates hanging with the uppity crowd because well, who doesn't.
c) why did this have to take place in the 40's? gratuitous and boring. she could have been a 60's activist and worn snazzy bell bottoms with hair down her back.
d) even in his prime time, bob just doesn't do it for me. he always looks a little red?
e) lame soundtrack.
f) they have a baby together and he's totally okay with some other dude raising it and casually asks after her when he accidentally bumps into barb at the end? uh.
g) "your girl is lovely, hubble." i get it now!


  1. Sounds like someone's apt needs a second tv.

  2. have you seen "the sting" yet? So do you say see this movie or skip it?

  3. haven't seen "the sting" yet - will add to queue.

    oh, i'd see it. it's a good background movie if you need to fold laundry or clip toenails, etc. but be prepared to want to kill barb's character 85% of the movie.

  4. aacck spoiler warning next time...

  5. oops sorry it was late and i was rambling! i'll post a spoiler alert now.

    oh and to you, mr. cc. i'd be happy to purchase you a 10 inch for your side office as a christmas present. how generous of you to let me have the big screen. hearts! gottago!


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