Thursday, December 11, 2008

my fourth grade teacher,

mr. hayner, taught in a regular school but wasn’t really a regular teacher. i think we only used one textbook (math) and we were allowed to go through it at our own pace. (i finished very early if you’re wondering. and yep, i’m bragging about my age-9 math skillz. we gotta grab what we can in life.)

he was really into projects and “real life learning” - for example, to learn about money/budgets/planning, we were divided into groups, given a few triple a books, some maps, (life without the interwebs!) and told to plan a trip to new york city for x amount of dollars. usually i hated these fakey construction paper type things - just give me the damn worksheet so i can fill it in and hit the playground to work on my made-up play. but for some reason – i think it was the use of real travel books, etc – i lived for this s*&t.

one day he took us to the supermarket down the street. another “environmental learning” math class opportunity. we all had clipboards and i think we had to price check stuff? compare products? not sure, but it was fun. ben maxwell slipped a pack of gum into his fanny pack and i’m still horrified. he also wrote on his leg that he loved me. equally scared still.

my mom was a chaperone for this excursion and fell in love with a certain classmate of mine named jenna. something about the studious way she held the clipboard and got down to business, i think. (she went on to graduate second in our class. mom wasn’t surprised.) after all this post-trip raving, i decided to give this chick a chance. we became besties pretty quickly and yada yada yada had lots of fun together for many years to come.

i bring this story up because a) we all like to think our past lives are charming don’t we? and b) i just got back in touch with jenna and holy god, she’s a licensed ship captain traveling around the world on boats?!?! like, as i type she’s cruising around australia and then falling asleep in a bunk bed after eating a sandwich and seeing some fish swim. and in her emails she uses all these boy/military words like “head” for bathroom and such. i’m in awe. of both her vocabulary and her kick-ass-edness. i heart my life and live for on-land coziness, i just think it’s pretty neat my former fellow ballerina friend might have to fight a pirate one day.


  1. a freakin' ship captain?


    son of a....

    *sighs* way to make me feel INADEQUATE, FRIEND OF AMY.

  2. Not to mention be prominently featured on everyone's fav program "Whale Wars".

  3. i know! she tried to make me feel better by saying that she's doing lowlier work on this current ship since it's so big -- but still. what the?

    she would rock 'whale wars' -- why did we stop keeping up with those whack jobs again?

  4. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Whale Wars are idiots (except the helo pilot) who will get themselves killed, watch "Shadow Force" on History Channel, the woman is much more Jenna's type.

  5. Exciting news - for our Spring Fling Vacation we're going to join the Whale Wars Crew!!!

    Happy V-day / B-day!

  6. i don't deserve you!!!!

  7. It's only for 6 weeks... but I try.


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