Saturday, December 06, 2008

san francisco is so expensive

that the discussion of relocating becomes inevitable. not relocation = inevitable, just the constant, ambivalent debate of it all. pros of this place = natural beauty, liberal peeps, lotsa stuffs to do, temperate climate. cons = expensive as f*&%, far from family, kids raised here can end up super spoiled.

so we'll go back and forth and talk about goals and puppies and baking cupcakes with more counter space and such, but bottom line it always come down to: panic! we could never live outside a major metropolis! we would wither and die and probably start wearing pleated pants!

but then it's saturday, and i listened to my podcasts and drank tea with a heating pad on my back, looking out my window, while clay listened to his podcasts and played video games with intermittent breaks to make coffee and read a magazine. then i made pasta and we watched a netflix. then we drove to the liquor store to buy frozen yogurt, drove back and ate it. and now our headphones are back in place, we're across the room from each other, plugged into our respective podcasts again. (don't frown; these things make us happy.) at moments like these, which are often, of course we think WE COULD NEVER ENJOY THIS LIFESTYLE OUTSIDE A CITY!



  1. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Yogurt at a liquor store? Pina Colada? Rum Raisin? Grasshopper? If you had to leave SF, we could do a Truman stage. The other CC.

  2. i have no idea what truman stage means.


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