Monday, December 29, 2008

some ho-ho-ho highlights

well hello! it's been a few days, hasn't it? i hope you all had a relaxing and goody-getting holiday week. the hubs and i traveled afar to the wilds of massachusetts for christmastime funz and yesterday returned to the strangely-not-much-warmer bay area. we had a lovely time filled with turkey and cranium whippings and delicious babies and boomerangs lost in the snow.

would you like to see a few fotos?


my little brother is into barefoot running. but that type of thing doesn't exactly go hand-in-hand with snow and salt and ice and such sooooo - he asked for these strange rubber ape-foot things that make it feel like you're running sans shoes but give you protection. i think we can safely assume we were the only house on the block opening these puppies up.

again - pretty sure i'm the only kid on the block making an expression of pure joy/disbelief/ecstasy over a cd-on-tape narrated by hugh laurie. swooooooooooooooooooon. (p.s. these are what my bangs look like now. i think i like them more side-sweepy like this vs. straight-hanging-down. but we'll see.)

that's cc with the coffee cup i bought him. (in a presh target shirt we found in texas. me heart.) you were thinking he just went to 'bucks and ordered a grande, right? you're wrong! it's a ceramic cup made to look like paper one. sn-ap.

my lil bro also received a boomerang because, well, he asked for one. this is cc and t in our driveway about to throw it...

uh. and then it was gone.

still gone. crocodile dundee we are not.

after opening presents at home, we headed up to my cousin christie's brand spanking new house for a family par-tee and gift exchange. we really had a fun time and i loved getting to see everyone at once - just wish it was for longer. here's cc helping the little ladies and little man put together a crazy game with lots of sticks they eventually stuck inside my ear.

um. heart = stopped. cc holding christie's brand spanking new baby girl libby. made my uterus do somersaults.

i thought i'd zoom in so you could see 1) HOW CUTE THIS BABY IS. 2) them holding hands. 3) her foot in his hand. he's a natural, right? RIGHT?

cool shot cc took of my front yard/street before we headed back. bye bye home! hearts and waves.


  1. You Cowan + Maloofs are so funny + adorable. That picture of CC + baby.... OMG. Have one? Now? Please?

  2. christie4:56 PM

    Libby + Clay = Total cuteness. I think she might have a little crush on him...

    We looooved seeing you! Please come back!

  3. aww weren't they too cute together? my heart was a pitter patter. don't let her grow up too much before i'm back again!

    and nik - doing what i can, doing what i can...

  4. omg i got that coffee mug for gina. and now when i make coffee in the morning i always want it for myself.

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