Monday, February 23, 2009

Grace, Day 34

1.) The work team treating me and another February-birthdayer to a Chinatown bingefest lunch. The walnut shrimp they serve at this place makes me weep with happies.

2.) Remembering I've forgotten about shows I was addicted to (CSI Vegas). It's kind of nice not having to see all those bloody heads roll around every week.

3.) Bobby pins.

4.) Crooked smiles.

5.) This bronzer from Benefit, a berfday present from Mom. I've never worn bronzer before, but since I stay out of the sun like a vampire - I'se need it. Problem is, most of them are orange or sparkly or streaky or creepy. Hoola is none of those things - it just makes you look healthy and glowy and not dead. Really, really good stuff.

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