Monday, March 30, 2009

A bit of explanation

Because my little brother asked me quite sweetly today if I'd been laid off, I thought I'd explain my situation for any of you worriers out there.

The heavily-lawed state of California will not hire a preschool teacher without those 12 dang credits I'm plowing through, which means I can't get a teaching job until the end of May. Because that sounded like a long time without income, I was lucky enough to snag a contract job at method, filling in for someone on maternity leave. All along, I've planned on the job ending come March when she returned. And I can't lie to you, my friends -- I've been looking forward to it. The work plus class thing has felt a little frantic and now I've got plenty of time to...not be frantic.

So my plans? Chug along at City College, research potential schools to work for, continue my search for something creative to do in a freelance capacity, FINISH MY BOOK. Eat Nutella.

Now you may carry on, worry free. Off you go.


  1. oh - is that what happened? I was sheepishly afraid to ask...

    I kid, I kid...


  3. from the knitting / scarf post:

    "Unfortunately, once I got serious I also noticed my ball of yarn longer a ball. It had somehow morphed into one giant, heinous, eleven dollar ball of hell."

    ... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL - i am srsly considering quoting this on my facebook. you don't even know. you are so funny it's stupid.

  4. christie4:38 AM

    Kalen, I concur. That little gem had me giggling for quite a while. Even while my kids were destroying the house. Yup, it was that funny.

  5. aw thanks, k+c - glad you were tickled :)

    it's good to know some giggles came out of the in-san-ity. mad i didn't take a picture, but my tears would have fogged the lens.


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