Monday, March 23, 2009

I’ve wanted to write a sassy rant about this for awhile

But I can never get the tone right.

So I’m not going to be sassy or rant.

I’m just going to say:

The next time you’re thinking of making a comment about people who don’t drink being either boring or uptight? Check yourself. There’s myriad reasons people choose not to and it’s rarely because they’re dull. I could very effectively argue just the opposite.

That’s all.


  1. I totally agree - I think it's so lame when people judge other people's decisions, regardless of what they may be.

    I thought I was really going to miss the alcohol while pregs, but I don't really. I miss goat cheese more.

  2. ahahaha goat cheese. when i'm preggers i will DEFinitely miss unpasteurized dairy more than alcohol.

    but yeah - there's just *always* more to the story than a quick judgment can figure. when you were begging for sandwiches at 8 a.m, they couldn't see a bebe inside yet and wouldn't help you! blergh!

  3. i always catch myself saying stuff like this... i'm working on it.

  4. oh i still say dumb shit all the time, i'm sure. it's something we can allllll work on.

  5. i'm scared to ask b/c i think i know the answer.

  6. Anonymous10:01 AM

    people who matter don't care & people who care don't matter....something like that, bruceleeroy


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