Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Poor Clay.

Ever since coming off the Pill, I've become obsessed with my CYCLE. As in every other sentence is about my CYCLE. What day am I on? What happens on said day? What will happen on day after said day? I'm not even talking about baby making here, people, just the whole process of being alive and being a lady.

Enough details! says he. But it's science! says me.

I guess there's something to be said about maintaining the mystery and allure of womanhood etc, but he just happens to be the one who's around all the time and therefore just happens to hear all the fun facts. (Sometimes cervical fluid should look like rubber cement! Bam!)

I can't help how impressed I am with the bod for doing its thing after all those years on hormones. A lot of people talk about needing a few months to get things working again, but my system just picked right up where it left off and isn't that cool? No? You probably shouldn't call me on the phone then because you'll hear lots more.

In general, though, aside from my general scientific obsession, I just feel worlds better. My mood is downright chipper and those headaches? Almost gone. Sure, those nasty cramps that put me on the stuff in the first place are making me want to RIP OUT MY UTERUS AND STAMP ON IT TILL IT DIES but two days of hell are worth the twenty-two other days of goodness. Si?


  1. ...not sure where to look...

  2. Haha. I loved going off the pill bc i felt physically better, but felt so ANIMAL to not know exactly when IT was coming.

    Then i accidentally got knocked up.

  3. christie6:05 AM

    I can talk cervical fluid 'til I'm blue in the face. Do you know about
    fertilityfriend.com? You can obsesses over your own chart or stalk other people's charts. I'm not obsessed or anything.

    Clay should contact Eric - I believe he has set up a support group for husbands of TCOYF (Taking Charge of Your Fertility) junkies.

  4. christie12:32 PM

    I can spell. Really, I can.

  5. Auntie Mef4:33 AM

    Hmmm, interesting. Beware. Maybe Christie was so busy obsessing over other people's fertility that she forgot to pay attention to her own. Remember little Libby??

  6. christie4:58 AM


  7. I can look at other people's charts???? Done.

    But yeah, good point Mef - maybe I just need to keep my eyes on own...

    Although that Libby sure is a yummy doll baby :)

  8. *pets* i do the same thing with mine. well, i did until the pregnancy. i will pick back up immediately, however! i use a charter thing online. once you do it for like 5 months, you can STRANGELY tell certain things about your body & what it's doing, though i won't go into emails. :D

  9. emails = details.

    good god i need to spend time off the internet.


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