Thursday, May 28, 2009

Does anyone like eating alone as much as I do?

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy egg sandwiches with friends, pasta with the hubs, tea with my mom. But I feel zero awkwardness sitting by myself, eating a burrito, listening to a podcast, and sipping orange soda out of a bendy straw.

Some of it, I think, is I just can't enjoy my food as much when I'm with other people. I'm focused on listening or talking or making sure the pie isn't all over my shirt. A lot of times I don't eat much on purpose, just so I can get a doggie bag and enjoy the food later, by myself, in front of SVU. It tastes about 10 times better, at least.

In high school, on the way to ballet, I'd turn my Jeep off at McDonald's and buy some nuggets with honey sauce, eat them in the parking lot to the tunes of that month's mix tape. In college, I used to take that week's New Yorker, find a small table in the corner, and read the whole thing over a turkey and cranberry sandwich. When I worked in the schools, I found a desk in our classroom and ate my school lunch in the corner. At Goodby, there was lots of solo cake time in my cubicle.

Part of what makes my new job so lovely, aside from the general awesomeness, is sufficient lunch time, lots of tasty things to buy within walking distance, and sunny benches near the water to sit alone and stare into the lovely San Francisco space.


  1. ...starting to make sense why i haven't received 'wanna grab lunch?' txts since we're both in SF...

  2. Eating is one of my favorite hobbies, so this entire post gets a big thumbs up.

  3. i refuse to eat in my office lunch room because i don't like talking to people on my break time. i just feel like it's "work." ha. i'm evil.

  4. Man, I love you and how much you love SVU. I really want to get with Elliot. Is that wrong?

    I find I get a lot more eating done in a more expedient manner when Im alone. I guess I surprise people, because I'm so loud and friendly that they're surprised by how much I need my alone time. Like, I will go craZy if I don't get to sit and think by myself a little every day.

    You're great, can't wait to answer your email!

  5. Yes. Oh yes.
    I'm not sure if you knew but, um, i LOVE food. Adore, might be a better word. I love the experience of eating, as well as the whole experience of going out to restaurants.
    I *do* love eating with people because I love to talk & connect with friends/family ..but I really enjoy eating alone. It might stem from my years of horrid mental health in high school - it was then I developed my real love for food. It was my friend, it didn't judge me & it tasted amazing. I did it alone so I didn't feel watched, or ashamed. I enjoyed it more because I was comfortable.
    The only problem was, it made me fat. I'm still working on getting healthy, but I have to say .. I will NEVER give up my love for food. It's my passion. Sad? I don't care. Pass me the Mcnuggies.

  6. Ah, my fellow food lovers.

    Yes, all this "eat to live don't live to eat" nonsense makes me frown. I could talk about foods all the live long day.

    In 8th grade, a couple of us formed an "eating club" -- we used to skip class and steal pies out of the home ec freezer them in the bathroom.

    uh. that sounds weirder than i thought it did.


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