Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forgive me, while I fiddle with my template

I want bigger pictures on my blog and such, so I'm getting my learn on.

While I play, enjoy this insane picture of me, taken upon waking, in my new Jordan, Jesse, Go! shirt. If you pay me enough, I'll get your hair to do the same thing.



  1. christie10:41 AM

    I love you, but your smile (?) frightens me.

  2. my name is on your boobs. hot.

    my hair is getting too long & thick to do ANYthing with. so frustrating.

  3. this picture really is scary. oops.

    my hair was sooooper long, but just got a few inches chopped off. still long, but a little easier to control. tho mostly i just went for the professional shampoo. BLISS.

  4. I know that smile. And it's GLORIOUS. Utterly GLORIOUS. Carry on.


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