Friday, June 12, 2009

A few things for Friday

1.) I can't stop singing that good ol' ditty from ABC, circa 1990:

It's Friday night
And the moon is bright
Gonna have some fun
Show you how it's done

Now THAT is some serious brand equity, but they really let it go to waste, no? What have they got to show for it now? Me watching Lost, I suppose. Frankly, I miss the Tanners. They live right down the street, though...

2.) Clay suffered through work with a sick tummy (or "busted gut" as he said) and stumbled home around 6:30 begging for a short nap. I granted him one, but it quickly turned into a shared nap. I just woke up, it's currently 9:45, and he's currently still sleeping. Fail! Still felt good, though.

3.) I can't stop coughing. But it's a real loser of a cough, completely unproductive and dry. It's some sort of acid reflux nonsense, I think. It's driving me - and everyone around me, thanks - batty.

4.) I just remembered I went to bed last night feeling really sorry for myself. Like, I shed a tear before falling asleep. Completely made a bunch of stuff up in my head and then felt sad about it. Do you ever do that? It was especially strange timing because we'd just gotten back from

5.) Wicked! Me loved it. I somehow never got around to see it, and lucky us it's in San Francisco for the summer. It's got a catchy score by Stephen Schwartz, fun Oz things, and lots of girl power messages. I think I smiled the whole time.

6.) Our new couch got delivered this morning. I'm sitting on it right now. Love how it looks. How it feels? To be determined...Let's just say it inspires/requires good posture. I'll post some pics soon.

7.) I haven't watched an SVU in like three days! Bye now.


  1. Cindy C6:39 AM

    Hope you two have not been sick all weekend. Looking forward to new pictures of the sofa; you will have to change your profile description of the couch :)

  2. I miss the Tanners, too. Thankfully, we still have re-runs on sometimes. I don't usually catch them but it's nice knowing that I can get my fix if I need it.

    I think my favourite was Becky. Or ..Michelle. I hated Stephanie, she talked too much. (Or because, she was JUST like me..)

  3. haha somehow the first time around I missed your comment about missing the Tanners. I miss them too. Especially because of Saget's new crap-ass sitcom Surviving Suburbia. Wasn't sure I could miss Danny Tanner, but oh how I do.


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