Thursday, July 30, 2009

I kind of can't believe I'm showing you this

But...behold the bump:

Yesterday marked the end of my 12th week. Today starts my 13th. I GET TO FEEL BETTER NOW, RIGHT?!

People don't believe me when I say I already have a bump so early, but as you can see...I ain't lying. And yes, I promise, there is only one bean in there. I just have an overachieving uterus or something.

Been home on the East Coast, swimming and reading and eating peanut butter fudge, so apologies for the light posting. Flying back tomorrow, more then!


  1. eeeeee! you totally have a little baby bump! so cute!

  2. Ieeee that's definitely a bump! You look great - had so much fun chatting about babies and pregs the other day...


  3. first of all, you look stunningly gorgeous. :) your bump is adorable, and i think it's just right.

    and actually, *those* people are crazy. some people show every, very early (as early as 5/6 weeks) - everyone is different.

    here is a gallery of bumps for example:

    ps) if you ever want a good laugh/to have fun, visit and go to the forums. it's quite interesting.

  4. i got my baby bump around 12 weeks! congrats.

  5. oh, i don't know if you registered yet. but go to my preg blog:

  6. i know you don't feel super, but you look so cute and great! aww.

  7. oh ames, you're the cutest thing ever! you're glowing & i love your cute, summer-y outfit. the bump is .. utterly adorable & sanks for sharing it with your interweb friends. :D

    i'm so happy that you've been at home. your tweets make me jealous - all of your swimming & eating adventures make me ..hungry. and want to go swimming. WHO WOULDA THUNK IT? gosh!

    i think captain obvious is a little tired so i think the commenting needs to end right about now.


  8. oh if i knew you didn't like touching i would say i can't wait to pet your bump.

  9. Cindy C10:47 AM

    Sweet picture, Amy. This computer age is great; thank you for keeping us updated. Do you have a due "day" in February? (Could be a due "night") Maybe your birthday...that would be good. Hopefully you will begin to feel better.

  10. You are so so so adorable! I pets your belly!

    And thank you again for your email. It super duper cheered me up. Well, I wasn't happy after, but it helped and I lub you!


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