Friday, July 24, 2009

I think it has my eyes

Baby person jumping bean buddy has been confirmed! Bam!

I was pretty nervous when I wrote my previous post, but then I drank so much water (to fill my bladder, an ultrasound requirement) and had to pee so bad, I could think of nothing else but waterfalls and garden hoses and slip and slides. I was in cereal pain, people.

We sat in the little room together, waiting while the technician rubbed jelly all over my tum (not as cold as I thought?) and started PUSHING DOWN ON MY BLADDER WITH ALL HER MIGHT.

I tried to remember we were here to see the baby, dammit, but it was hard.

Until! Up on the corner-mounted TV screen (this place was kinda fance) a little HUMAN appeared! Friend? Friend! I kept my cool (didn't want to pee my pants in public), but felt a huge weight off my shoulders as soon as I saw the little guy/doll. Like, finally it's real and I can finally relax (a little). I knew I was pregnant, but I guess I thought there was maybe a grapefruit inside instead of a baby? It's so surreal to see it suddenly, in black and white, this little person that's been making me gag and heave and fall asleep on the sidewalk. I suddenly felt a lot less bitter. I suddenly felt really happy.

I'm officially at 11 weeks, 2 days today; happily in my 12th week and cruising along to my 2nd trimester. Everything looks great and the heartbeat (best song since Gimme Shelter) is strong at 170 bpm. Our bean's a real jumping bean, flailing his/her little arms (two!) and legs (two!) around. Swoon.

And now! Without further adieu.

Our buddy!

(And, incidentally, my uterus. Would you like to meet my liver next time?)

He/she's waving hey! (Arm behind the head, poking out.) Nom nom nom!


  1. Wahoo! So beautiful! Congratulations again and again and again! (holy exclamation points!)

  2. Ahh that's so exciting!! Sonograms are so magical (I can be nothing but a complete fruitcake when talking about pregs and babies). I am so happy for you guys!!! Good job making a good bean!!

  3. lovely lovely lovely! yay for you guys.

  4. ahhhhhh look at that teeny tiny baby in there!!!! so exciting!

    i really didn't realize how much you can see at 11 weeks. i guess i was thinking of that Friends episode where Rachel gets upset because she cant identify her baby on screen...

  5. So have you guys decided if you're going to find out what it is?

  6. soooooo wonderful, thank you for sharing! after my first ultrasound, I remember being like, I met my baby today :)

  7. I LOVE this post -- so well written and funny, and of course, the BABBBBYYYYY! Give your little tum a rub for Emmy, okay?

    I wish you'd said, I felt a huge weight lift off my...bladder. ;)


  8. Congratulations on a healthy nugget in there!

  9. CUTIES!!!!!!!!!!!! love.

    still looks like the potential to be a robot.

    i am holding out hope fer your hubz.

  10. christie4:46 AM

    Wicked cute!

    Loved seeing you and the tum yesterday! We needed more girl talk, tho...

  11. thanks e'eryone! glad you got to meet my bean buddy.

    more to come soon!

    (think i'll be starting a weekly bump watch this wednesday...)

  12. As I said via twitter, you might have missed it though, your ute-tato (word combooo: uterus & potato) SLIGHTLY resembles a robot so there's still hope for cc's dream to be real.

    Your baby bean is SOOOO cute & I'm so happy for you guys. PLEASE start this weekly bump watch - I love seeing stuff like this. <33

    A few more things: I heart your shoutout to one of the grrrrreatest songs ever, 'Gimme Shelter.'
    I would've peed my pants for sure. Especially when she pushed - Hoo boy, I suuuure would have peed.
    "I was in cereal pain, people." - I'm sorry you were in pain BUT that sentence made me giggle. Cereal-y. Ok I'm done.

    You're going to be such a cute mama! And yes, I will come babysit/live on your balcony and would LOVE to be paid in food. You know the way to my heart, Ames.

  13. Cindy C2:41 PM

    I love it! I have gone back to the picture several times. Take care of yourself and buddette.


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