Monday, July 20, 2009

I thought writing about pregnancy would be a lot easier?

I've been obsessed with reading about other people's nine months for as long as I can remember and I thought the words would just spill as soon as I announced my own. But it's weird. I have so many different takes on the whole thing that the thoughts just pile on top of each other and soon it's cluttered and crazy and I can only make a joke about feeling chubby.

So I write all these posts and then delete them because they sound crazy or boring or maybe it's just the hormones judging?

And now I overcome my OCD and post something anyways:

The past few days I've had a huge tummy and mood improvement. I even went shopping (my least favorite chore next to giving blood or riding a plane or drinking aspartame or talking on the phone) and bought all the clothes in San Francisco. I now have oodles of lovely, stretchy things to choose from, cutting way down on all those morning pre-work tears.

Yesterday was our anniversary - what up one year?! (It was a very good one.) We played it low key and lovely -- a little outdoor time, some crucial couching, and then whipped up scrumpchy steaks and heirloom tomatoes. (And Point Reyes blue cheese, which I've since googled about 74k times, convinced I've maimed my baby because of soft cheese bacteria demons.)

We were maybe going to eat out, but all I could think about was this super specific taste sensation; we figured it was safer to do it ourselves than risk it in the hands of amateurs. Also (obnoxious statement approaching) – tough to beat our view. We wrapped up the night with a little SVU on the telly, then *insert joke about sex crimes of our own*.

I had such a good weekend, I didn’t even remember I was supposed to be upset about returning to work the next day until 11 PM.



  1. We don't care what you write about - just keep the posts coming. Love 'em! Don't let "pregnancy braindrain" get you down!


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