Thursday, July 23, 2009

I won't lie

I'm wearing maternity clothes now. Not all maternity all the time, but jeans with an elastic band? Check! Bella band? Check! Magical shirts that look normal but have some sort of magic hide-the-tum powers? Check!

I was starting to feel sheepish about it, until my trusty website thing that tells me what I should be feeling each week and where my baby's eyeballs are positioned on a day-to-day basis, told me "You might have to start wearing maternity clothes this week!" -- so I will stop hanging my head.

There appear to be tons of ladies out there who didn't show until their 16th week, or didn't gain weight until the middle of their 2nd trimester or something, and to them I say -- nobody can eat 50 eggs.


  1. Listen, Gaston eats 5 dozen eggs every morning and now he's roughly the size of a baaaarge, so factor that into you calculations...

    I don't know what the point of that was, but I bet you are a super cute preggers lady, in fact, I pretty much can bank upon it. Pics soon, pleeeasse?

  2. cool hand luke!

  3. you looked so cute yesterday!!

    i am seriously considering a bella band to combat the gap i get in the back waist of all my jeans. would that be weird since i'm not preg?

  4. a) yes! cool hand luke!

    b) and omg bella bands are okay for anyone to wear; i fully support them. DEW IT.

  5. So I just discovered your blog. Not sure how I missed that fun little link on twitter before! I'm off for vaca back east for 2 weeks. But when I get back we must catch up and discuss this little person you are growing. SO EXCITING!

  6. i started wearing maternity clothes early. just because they are way more cuter and super comfortable. and i have a tendency of sticking out my belly farther than it really is and already waddling. it's sick.


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