Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why today is good

1) I woke up around 4 AM (after waking up at 1 AM, 2 AM, and 3 AM already) to pee, and decided to stop worrying about the blue cheese poison.

2) I cut my fingernails before work. I hate doing it, but I love myself afterwards. So crisp and clean and un-scratchy.

3) Cute outfit!

4) Michaela is flying in for work and her work just happens to take place IN MY OFFICE.

5) I made myself a cup of coffee. Well, mostly really hot milk with a splash of coffee. But it tastes like Christmas morning in a mug.

6) Not Monday!

7) Gagged about 12,000 times before bed last night, but this morning is feeling good.

8) My hair is clean.

9) Jordan, Jesse, Go! in my ears.

10) String cheese.


  1. I like the chipper outlook. My list from last night memories:

    1.) Wife laying horizontally across the bed
    2.) Flopping
    3.) Pillow hitting me in the face
    4.) Flopping
    5.) More pillow to the face
    6.) Flopping
    7.) Pillow to the face - taking pillow
    8.) Flopping
    9.) Being asked "where's my pillow!!!?"

  2. I had a funny memory this morning and thought of you: when I was about 5 months preggo I had a sandwich at Quizno's and then for like a week I was all OMG I ATE LUNCHMEAT MY CHILD IS MAIMED FOR LIFE. Hope you are feeling less guilty :)

  3. i pee, seriously, 500 times a night. they say it stops in the 2nd trimester. they lied.


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