Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me

As I lie here, digesting my third meal of the day at 1:21 pm, and blinking my eyes against a blinding headache, I'm trying hard to focus on the sensations of my belly. See, there's always something gurgling or rumbling or retching or churning down there - but last night something different happened. Last night, after eating a bowl of parmesan cheese with a side of spaghetti, I laid down on the couch, on my right side, and suddenly felt

*tap tap tap*

I stayed perfectly still and waited. And it came again, only this time stronger

*tap tap poke poke tap tap flutter flutter tap*

"I think I just felt the baby move?!" I shouted to Clay, who looked up in surprise.

I quickly sat up and googled "quickening", that medievalish term for feeling baby bean's first movements. Lo and behold, the Interwebs told me a small portion of ladies can feel it as early as 15 weeks. Ah!

And then, it was all I wanted to feel. I flip flopped right to left, poked my belly a little, ate some gummy worms, jogged in place. But that was it. Until this morning, when I felt the tiny flutter again, just a little kick to get my day started and feed my buddy some grub.

This rules.


  1. christie3:24 PM

    Oh yay!! That is the best feeling!

  2. Ha! Quickening was totally used throughout the historical fiction I just finished!

  3. my heart is breaking! i love it! being pregs is the best.

  4. Ah! How amazing! I'm really excited for you. I wish I were there to lay my hand on your belly!

  5. Anonymous6:24 AM

    oh my gosh!! that's amazing.

    by the time I am in san fran in sept, you better have the bean trained to dance, because I totally want to get to feel baby bean cowan scooting around in your belly! soooooo exciting!

  6. so freakin' cool! i cant even imagine what that feels like...go, baby Cowan!

  7. By far my favorite part of being pregnant :) And it NEVER gets old.

  8. just wait until you are sufficiently large and said bean is playing soccer in will actually be able to watch your belly move and body parts make cool design in your is won't need Netflix for awhile when this starts...

  9. Oooh I love feeling it from the outside. Can't imagine hat it will be like when I'm actually pregnant!


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