Friday, August 28, 2009

Bumpdate: 16 weeks, 2 days

Ha ho! We'z not kidding around anymore, people.

Bump chicka bump wah.

The other day my (female) worker (I don't think male coworkers like to acknowledge my, um, status) was all:

"Wow! I can SEE it!"

Which is good? I guess?

Note the skirt, making a comeback from the 12 weeks bumpdate. They tell me it's going to be hot today (summer in San Francisco starts in September - didn't you know?), so I'm making Team Buddy Bean comfy.

Which will also be accomplished with the Egg McMuffin I'm about to scarf.


  1. i live for bumpdates!

    you look adorbs, d'loof!

    what does it feel like to have a bump? is it hard? (i mean like physically, is the bump hard? not like, "is it hard to have a bump?") is this a weird question to be leaving in the comments section?

  2. yup yup yupppp!

    *balances stuff on it*

    you look so prettyful, amyness.

  3. that bump is so cute!! do you feel any movements yet?

  4. i kept checking back for this today!

  5. Love it!! Hi Robaby!! I can't wait until you're gigantor!

  6. @mic Yeah, it's pretty hard. Definitely doesn't feel like normal squishiness. I'm starting to feel unwieldy. But it's really fun to rest my hands on.

    @sam I *do* feel little movements! Usually when I'm lying really still on the couch. They're not too strong yet, but the robaby is dancing.

  7. hoo boy that was a hot one, I thought of you when I was sweating my balls off this afternoon. Def wouldn't want to be preggo. Hopefully Mother Nature is kinder to you this "summer".

  8. christie4:39 AM

    That. is. ADORABLE.

  9. "Wow, I can see it!" as in Wow, you're not crazy making up pregnancy stories?!?!

    You look adorable as ever!


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