Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Good news and a rant

The good! = We got our results from the blood test that screens for Down syndrome and Edwards syndrome (I live in a crazy state where insurance covers these tests for all ladies, not just the over-35 crowd, which is more typical) and they were negatory.

To be more specific, our baby has a 1/9,500 chance of having Down's. And a less than 1/100,000 chance of having Edward's. Seeing that the average risk for an 18-year-old mama (as low risk as it gets, really) to have a baby with Down's is 1/1,198 and for Edward's is 1/4,668 -- I'll take it!

Anything that lets me breathe a little easier is greatly welcomed, so - huzzah!

The rant! = I am super done with city life right now. Everywhere I turn, I smell urine. And garbage. And more urine. And then I'll see some dude shooting up smack behind an abandoned shopping cart. Or another barefoot, shirtless dude strolling into my bagel joint, looking at condiments for My pregnant nose and belly and soul cannot take it. I want to be teleported to a green mountaintop, where I'll eat tomatoes and olive oil and read Little House on the Prairie in between skinny dips in a creek. Please?

Most importantly, I wanted to let you know that the steamy pregnancy dreams have begun. Unfortunately, I can't really enjoy them because the whole time I'm all "But I'm married! And pregnant!" which really kills the mood for my seducer. (Last night? John Mayer.) I just hope whoever I get tonight will understand and just buy me some froyo instead.


  1. I see what you did there

  2. christie5:23 AM

    Would you like to come live in Maine with me for a bit? Please? We have grass and woods and flowers and ocean and mosquitos and ticks and slugs... oh wait...

    Please come. :)

  3. yay for a healthy baby!

    (i need to go google Edward's, haven't heard of it before)

  4. Great news on the tests!

    P.S. move to Potrero ;)

  5. christie3:03 PM

    Awww... never mind. I'm coming to YOU. I like urine and crackheads. See you in September!

  6. @beth everyone loves it over there! we really need to check it out. i DO love your whole foods!!

    @christie yahoooo! can't wait!! i'll only be a small house (a condo?) at that point, so i can still hobble around and show you pretty things!

  7. move to kentucky. there are like 5 things here and none of them are threatening:

    1) bibles
    2) people without teeth
    3) lots of pretty mountains
    4) cows
    5) married cousins

    it's a good place to raise a child.

  8. I was *mostly* kidding, but it is such a great neighborhood for the kiddos. Lots of activities and you can't take 2 steps out your front door without meeting other parents and kiddos. Plus the weather is TO DIE FOR, well on SF standards anyhow.

    And yeah, our Whole Foods does kick some ass.

  9. And we don't smell like pee :P

  10. Can I come to your mountaintop? The skinny dipping will only be awkward for the first five minutes then we'll be like, WHATEVER MARY AND LAURA DID IT. (Which, as I recall...they didn't. But lying to yourself is good.)

    I'm glad your baby will probably be normal. Stay away from other people's urine, City Girl, and your chances should be pretty good.


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