Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello, I am lame sauce

I am unable to keep our apartment clean. UNABLE. We got it in good shape for our houseguest last week (hi, Matt!), but as soon as he (and his help) were gone? The dishes pile up, the clothes spill out of the hamper (hamper? is that a word?!), the junk mail and bags and jackets bury me in a puddle of mush. Fail.

Also? I get out of breath walking up small hills.

Additionally? Cooking has gone out the window. Bye! Hello, pizza and Thai and cereal and brownies.

Oh, and I forgot to drop the Netflix in the mailbox today. And pay our fruit/veggie delivery bill. And cancel my dentist appointment on time.

My pants fall down when I walk because I bought the wrong size and I'm too tired to get a different pair.

My hair is clean only 50% of the time.

But! I'm REALLY GOOD at eating cheese.


  1. Wait 'til you add a baby and all the accompanying junk into the mix!

  2. You know, there are worse talents to have than being good at eating cheese! You want examples? Um...I'll get back to you...Although my ability to load the dishwasher here expedienty and well organizedly might be worse.

  3. Sounds like a perfectly normal pregnancy to me ;)

  4. "cancel dentist appt" is always number one on my to-do list.

    i want to come eat thai food and brownies with you!

  5. I think this post should be re-titled, "Hello, I am normal sauce".

    Getting stuff done is overrated. Eating cheese is underrated.

    You're doing it right.

  6. You are not lame sauce, you are lemony sauce! Bright, energizing, and good on chicken...well, you're not so much a match re the chicken...Mom :)

  7. So, I can't keep my apartment clean either (and actually, I've actively been making it messier this week) and I don't have any kind of excuse. I wouldn't worry, because the good thing about being pregnant is that you are being productive 100% of the time without even having to think about it.

  8. thanks, pals. i knew i could count on you to make me feel not-lamey. my hair was even clean today! i should have taken a picture.

  9. hah this is all part of it! Wait until you get closer and start nesting - all you'll do is cook and clean. the first, hmm i dunno like 8.5 months of my pregnancy all i did was loaf. magnificant loafing. no one loafs like a preg!

  10. christie6:38 AM

    My philosophy? Why bother cleaning - it's just going to get messed up again as soon as you clean it. :) And yes, with the 5 million pieces of baby paraphernalia (how the heck do you spell that?) there is NO HOPE. Embrace the mess.

  11. just stop washing your hair all together. i promise after a week or so of complete grossness you won't have to. ps. i live this by example. and pps. i thought your apt was very clean when i came


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