Thursday, August 13, 2009

If you're lucky

You caught my religion post earlier this evening. But it's down for now. Dunno. Thought it would help to put it out there, but it didn't. After I posted it, I sat through dinner (a lovely dinner in the Castro with Casey and Clay and Matt and small plates of goodness) and obsessed over the words I'd posted. I felt weird; like I'd told too much, but also not enough, somehow at the same time.

When it comes down to it, I have some very specific things to say to some very specific people and my blog probably isn't the place to do it.

I'm sure I'll get all worked up again and rework it at some point, but for now? Nah.

But! Bumpdate coming Friday morning. Me promise!


  1. Damn, I missed it. Hope you can fill me in later. By the way, I know I owe you an email, it's coming, I swear!

  2. I liked what you wrote...A LOT!

  3. i missed it! i'm so intrigued.

  4. I was all excited that "Amanda" saw what you wrote and that I could get an update from her. Then I saw that the post occurred at 3:55am and realized that I don't think my Amanda was up that early. Unless there's something she's not telling me...

  5. Not meaning to be super dramatic – apologies. Just didn’t want to take the post down with no explanation for the people who DID read it.

    Simply put, I’m currently both experiencing and anticipating, from certain people in our lives, discussions re: religion and our children. And basically I want to say – whether it’s crazy of me or not – please leave it be. Sort of like, if I say my feelings on it now, no one’s going to try and scare my baby into loving Jesus.

    But! I think people, after reading it, were thinking I was planning on controlling what my child thinks/does? Or that I don’t understand how different and unique each little person is? That I’ll be furious if how WE think isn’t how SHE/HE ends up thinking. Which is really the opposite of what I was saying.

    My whole point was, please do NOT attempt to preach to our child about a specific religion, no matter how important you think it is, and just let’s let his/her natural curiosity unfold as it will. I came from a household where we talked about all sorts of religions and philosophies and points of view and it allowed me to figure out what I think for myself. Which I realize is not exactly the norm and so I’m passionate about replicating the same environment for our baby.

    Anywho. I get the ‘it’s not a big deal - relax!’ thinking, but the thing is, for various reasons – it IS a big deal to us.

    Seacrest out!

  6. My Robot will believe in World Domination

  7. hahahahaha Clay I like your comment

  8. Nah, don't apologize for your feelings. Religion is a touchy issue. People take it very personally. And also take it personally when you don't believe what they believe. I've found it's best to avoid politics and religion with family to keep the peace.

  9. lolol @ cc's comment.

    i hope *my* comment didn't give you the feeling that i was trying to say you'd control what your child does/thinks because i honestly didn't mean anything like that at allllll.

    i was agreeing that it was nice to give them the freedom to choose or whatever, if that's even what you meant. anyways, i'm rambling.

  10. It was your Amanda Benny...and I didn't get up in the middle of the night to read this, but I liked what you wrote Amy. :)

  11. oops. :\ hope my comment wasn't one of the ones where you thought i was assuming something, either. i t'wasn't my love! you are much too smart for my assumptionssss *sings*

    well. besides my assumption that your husband is right about the robot thing.

  12. no worries, k - none of my interweb buddies' comments brought me down. :)

    both yours and jordan's actually made me chill out a little. in a good way. lalalalala.

  13. Cindy C11:43 AM

    I too hope I didn't portray the wrong message with my comment. It is the shortcoming of not being able to communicate in person. I am afraid to try to correct anything I might have said... so I won't.


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