Monday, August 24, 2009

*!!!Pow Pow Bam Karate Chop Head Butt!!!*

That fight sequence? That was our little robot making sure I remember he's in there. (Sorry for the lack of equal opp pronouns. I'm completely convinced it's a boy and I'm too lazy to pretend I'm not.) Not with lots of fun kicks (the movements are still tiny and finicky), but with a dayful of nausea and heartburn and crazy mood swings. I'm tired, friends. Just when I get a little cocky, remembering those old first trimester days with a shake of my head and a Mona Lisa smile, I get socked to the ground, with a mouthful of dirt to chew on.

It helps to know I get good days now, too, but it's hard not to feel frustrated and jealous of those "at 13 weeks I felt a switch turn the sick off!" people. Me no get it. Where does it come from, after it's been gone for three or four days in a row? THE FIERY PITS OF HELL. That's where!

I watched Rosemary's Baby last night, to make me feel better. Because, ya know, things may get rough and I may feel exhausted and overwhelmed sometimes. But I'm not carrying Satan's son and that's really pretty awesome.


  1. Or so you think...

    I'm sorry you're still feeling all that grossness. I would have eaten about 600 Dunkin Donuts blueberry muffins by now (my go-to "I feel like crap" food). Feel better!

  2. Boo. i'm sorry you still have bad days. :( but there's, like, a baby in there! crazy!

  3. Sorry buddy. Robots are tough little buggers.

    (side note - is anyone seriously gonna be at least just a little surprised / disappointed if a lil' robot doesn't pop out? I mean... not even just little bit? All this robot talk has me excited.)


  4. cc -- sometimes, i don't even think of it as a baby anymore. i'm thinking only in robot terms now. it sure is going to be a cute lil 'bot though :) congrats.

    ames -- i hope your tum & everything starts feelin' better soon. i heard somewhere if you have *more* morning sickness that "normal," your baby is healthy. er. y or er? i don't know. you gots a healthy tater in there, that's all. <33

  5. ugh sorry you're sick! and i know this is super obnoxious to hear because i would be like F_U when people would say this to me, but:


  6. If it a robot you can make him clean and not feel bad

  7. well, cc - i am very convinced it is either a robot, or will pop out with a pair of glasses on, typing on a computer, drinking some coffee, doing your taxes, and writing a novel.

    not that you two are a smart couple or anything...

    "But I'm not carrying Satan's son and that's really pretty awesome."

    and just HOW can you be so sure? you never know when Jesus might get ticked off enough to play around a little with some ironnyyyyyy

    just sayin'

  8. If you're saying its not the UPS man's baby, well - that's a relief.

    He's not that bad a of a guy, though. Satan is a bit harsh.

  9. *prints out wikipedia entries on how white babies can have dark skin sometimes*

  10. christie4:38 AM

    Oy. The sickness continues? Miserable. :( Auntie Mef and I will take great care of you when we come visit. You can lounge and we'll fan you and feed you grapes (or chicken fried steak - what the flip flop is that anyway?) and rub your feet. Hang in there sister, er, cousin!

  11. Hey, listen, little Baby Man, I need you to lay low for a bit and give my friend Amy a break. She's very nice and funny and I want her to feel better, okay? Thank you, your future blog godmother, EmmySuh

  12. Cindy C6:10 PM

    Two buddies and a bot...novel or TV show, Amy? Sorry you still have those uneasy stomach days.

  13. Cindy C6:14 PM

    Can I have dibs on "Botma?" Cindy


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