Monday, August 03, 2009

A salty day

Just click here to see where my mind (and stomach) were at around 5 today. And honestly? One of the best things I've eaten all pregnancy. Turns out, our baby gets happy when you feed it two soft taco supremes followed by a long snooze. If all it takes is $3.43 and some shut eye? DONE.

I even used the good tummy and mood vibes to put on some tunes and clean the kitchen. Now, I MAY have broken down in tears when the Beatles' version of Twist and Shout came on (is it because he says "baby" a lot? because I'm really excited to introduce the buddy to the stylings of the Fab Four? because I'm insane?), but other than that! A success.

Oh! Also good was this morning because I had my monthly check-in (where apparently I have to LABEL MY OWN PEE SAMPLE EXCUSE ME?) and I got to hear our little friend's pitter patter heartbeat! She put the gel on the tum and warned me it might take a few minutes to find the little guy, but within a few seconds hi! There you are!

"You've got a cooperative baby!"

Did you hear that in there?! Does positive reinforcement work yet? Keep it up, pal!

The heartbeat is nice and strong and this time I had my actual doctor there, so she wasn't so clinical and cold about the whole thing; she let me listen for awhile and laughed when the heartbeat would go in and out a little because he was moving around so much. *heart breaks into millions of pieces*

Followed up the appointment with my first day back at work after vacation. Got pretty zonked pretty early on, but I've shortened my hours and that's helping. So did the BLT on a salt bagel I grabbed just before sitting down. Heard some guy order it ahead of me in line and realized it was the perfect food. Essentially a salt lick in a wrapper. Nom nom nom.

I'll pause here for the good women of this world who didn't eat Taco Bell and bacon during their pregnancies (OR WHO THINK THEY WON'T GOOD LUCK TO THEE) to judge me. It's cool. I also snort coke on the weekends!


  1. salt bagels are divine.

    love that you got to hear the little heartbeat!

  2. i'm glad you're feeling better. i hope your counting the days till i get there... because i am!

  3. I'm pretty sure I had McDonald's on 290 of my 300 days of pregnancy. :) Glad you're feeling better!

  4. yay for the strong heartbeat :). the myth is anything over 140 is a girl. ours has been 165-170s. *keeping fingers crossed*

  5. whirring of robot gears can sound oddly similar to heartbeats.

    just fyi.

  6. i'm going to agree with mr. cc & say that i firmly believe the so called "heartbeat" thing you speak of was actually tiny baby robot legs marching in a timely fashion back and forth across your uterus.

    i am also assuming at the next ultrasound, the robot will have developed enough intelligence to project an image of a human baby onto the screen, thus forcing you into thinking it is, in fact, of our species.

    howev... i assume you will be surprised when the due date comes & out pops a little tin man.

    i'm on your side, clay.

    ps) yes i just took the story that far & to that level.

  7. Cindy C8:08 PM

    I hadn't checked your blog for a few days....all wonderful news Amy and Clay. Guess I must also be pregnant; I want salt and cayenne pepper on everything.


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