Friday, September 04, 2009

Bumpdate: 17 weeks, 2 days

Be careful!


It's the Monk in me that insists on keeping these at __ week, 2 days. I can't stop! Plus, it's sort of a little Friday treat, no? My bigger-and-bigger bumpalump says to you, "Yes! You really DO have room for that extra Pumpkin Spice latte."


  1. How do you look so fashiony sexy at 17 weeks and 2 days??? I was 100% frumpapotamus at this point. Damn you.

  2. Oh it's so cute. And I'm going to guess Boy. Although my track record on baby guesses this week is 0/1 already...

  3. You look beautiful :)

  4. i like the ginormous red water sprinkler -slash- bong -slash- urine collection container in the background... :P

    you DO look beautiful, i agree w/ j! and seriously - is that a girl shirt or a boy shirt - either way you look fabulously sexy in it. RAWR!

  5. I love that there is an actual VISIBLE difference every week...especially this one? You look awesome! Now I have to go get that latte...

  6. i'm loving all these updates!

    you look amaaaaazing! i think there's a pretty big difference this week! there's an actual baby in there, i can't get over it!

  7. Aw, thanks, friends! You warmed my chubby little heart.

    I promise if you polled the people I see in real life, they wouldn't use "sexy" as my first adjective...

    Shirt = girl shirt pretending to be a boy shirt from Gap. When I bought it, it felt HUGE. And now? Not so much...

    And yes, Kalen. We *do* pee in that red thing. Duh.

  8. Oh, A. There's a tiny little person in there! I have to agree, you look fabulous. Enlighten me: at what point does one speak about pregnancy in months instead of weeks?

  9. ohhh. you are so so so so cute. i showed lain and he was like, "didn't you show me that last week?" and i'm all, "well yes, but this is a new one. she GROWS every week.." lol.

    i love your shirt, like everyone else. i have a few like that style & they're so ding dang comfy. :D

    let me just say this -- if you DO NOT come over and watch HGTV with me, i'll be so very sad. it's becoming a sick obsession. the property virgins lady -- sandra rinomato -- OWNS MY SOUL.

  10. @Em - We preggo ladies talk about it in weeks till the end. It's because pregnancy ideally lasts 40 weeks instead of the cliche '9 months'. And each week counts in terms of fetal development, etc. But I try to be good when I'm talking to people who haven't been thru it and say '4.5 months' or whatevs.

    @Jordan - Sandra and I have such a love/hate relationship. But undoubtedly, she owns my soul as well. I'll be in Canada on your couch - stat!

  11. I'm late commenting on this because I suck at life aka have been curled up in bed with a book for most of the last 48 hours BUT I agree with what everyone has said. You look sexy and gorgeous and adorable and I can't wait to NOM NOM NOM that little baby (I mean that in a good way, not a zombie way!) in four or five months!

    I also love your bookshelves and your view. And you!


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