Friday, September 18, 2009

Bumpdate: 19 weeks, 2 days *Now with better picture*

*Post-edit: For some reason, last week's picture looks bigger than this week's. Um wrong. I'm suddenly HUGE now, much more than last week so...blame me and my awful iphone skillz. Back me up here, Clay? On second thought - please don't.*

Writing this in a cab so I'm using the "1974" setting on my camera app to lighten up the shadows.

Overslept like woah, but zzz I needed it.

Almost exactly halfway to b-day/d-day, people.

Woot! Or, on the other hand, AH!


  1. It's crazy that it's almost time!

  2. This is too dark I can't fully see! Please make it up to us with another photo. Show us that baby bump!


  3. haha okay, i'll re-post when i'm back home...

    just didn't wanna get busted for not posting!

  4. happy half way!!

    you're an adorable pregnant lady!!!


  5. christie5:09 PM

    This is completely unsatisfying because it's too hard to see!

    But, yay!, you're almost halfway!

  6. Cindy C8:00 PM

    Thank you, Amy. This is the highlight of Fri. nights for me. (Get a life, Cindy) Yes, you are growing a robo in there. BTW...Clay was a blonde when young. I am just knowing that this sweet thing is going to have the most beautiful eyes from both of you no one will even notice the color of her hair. Take care. CC

  7. christie4:54 AM

    Ahhh.... much better! And SO CUTE!!! You have got the best little baby bump. Can't wait to see it in person in 12 days!

    (How's that potato bar coming along, Clay?)

  8. Half way is just wild. This time next year you'll be sending "babydates" instead of "bumpates." Weird and exciting . . .

  9. Yesssss thank you!!!! This is so much better and BUAH HAHA we got 2 bumpdates! You look great, so does you super cute orla kiely bag... Half way high five to you, CC, and little lady robo!!!

  10. How does it go by so quickly?! I'm sure it seems like it's inching along for you, but BAM! Halfway!


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