Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I heart baby appointments

I love them! I do. I take this two block stroll down the hill, hop on the elevator, pee in a cup, and then chill in the waiting room for a little while. And I really mean little while. This practice is magical and only once in the three years that I've gone there have I waited longer than 15 minutes to see the doctor.

Then I toddle into the room and they congratulate me for gaining weight (!) and I show my tummy and we listen to the heartbeat and I just swoon. It makes me so crazy happy and teary and giggly.

She pointed a few inches below my belly button (which is rapidly disappearing, by the way) and said, "That's where your baby likes to hang out."

Hang out! Just kickin back, sippin a cold one, enjoying the Rice Krispies treats I gobble.

The heartbeat is perfect, apparently, and in the 150's. I don't think I'll ever get over the craziness of putting this little wand on my belly and hearing THAT. Right there, super close all the time, shaking a leg. Man.

Of course, I made the doctor take a guess on the gender.

"You know, I'm pretty good at guessing. I usually get a really strong feeling from the mom, one way or the other. And with could be having either!"

Thanks, lady.

"But, if I HAD to guess...I'd guess boy."

Which is where I'm still landing these days, too. (Sorry, MIL...)

But of course I don't have a clue. And won't until TUESDAY. Tuesday! So close, yet so far away.

SO. Spill, people. Whaddaya think I'm cookin'?


  1. yeah, i'm kinda thinkin' it's going to be a ro-boy. but whooo knows. i'm excited to hear :)

    you're so cute, ames. you're going to be a fantastic mama!

  2. i suck sauce at guessing for realz, but i usually listen to the mama. i can't wait until TUESDAY - why not today why not todayyyyy wah wah wah wah wah etc. :( i'm impatient. as if you didn't know.

  3. omg you find out on tuesday!?!?!? I'M SO EXCITED FOR ME. selfish i am!

    ok i'm excited for you guys too! i can't wait!

    i have no hunch but if you are leaning boy i will say boy!

  4. eeeeee!!! this post makes me happy! la la la la la.

    i sort of want to be different and say you're having a girl, but really, i think it's a little boy! frogs and snails and puppy dog tails!

  5. Hmm I'd guess a boy too but you never do know. Tuesday? That's exciting!

  6. You muddied the waters by revealing what you think but...I think I need to go get some blue yarn and start knitting.

  7. I think it's an R2D2.

  8. christie9:41 AM

    TUESDAY!!! Ack! The anticipation!

    I'm going to guess boy.

  9. IS IT TUESDAY YET?!??!?!

  10. Cindy C7:21 PM

    Robo's great grandmother Nancy said to tell you she is making a pink quilt for a little girl. My mom has good vibes so I am thinking GIRL.
    I am like Kay...wah wah wah wah etc.
    Impatient future grandmother I am.

  11. Cindy C7:22 PM

    Go Robette!

  12. I'm officially guessing girl, and just in the nick of time! Mom


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