Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mover and shaker

The past few days, our little lady is kick kick punch kick punch elbow flip! What before was the occasional and thrilling poke, is now a constant do-see-do, a little dancing sidekick while I grocery shop, watch Netflix, eat trailmix, cook chicken, eat trailmix.

Every time she starts up, I make Clay run over and put his hand on my belly. But dude, she can seriously tell she's being watched (felt?) and clams right up. Kind of like her mama.

She relaxed a little tonight, though, and let her dada feel a couple small pokes after he rushed over at my yell. It's lovely to finally share her with Clay; I've felt a little bit shellfish lately, feeling all the crazies she does, all by my lonesome.

In other news, I'm back obsessed with my slow cooker, a wedding prez from Clay's mom. (Thanks, Cindy!) Once fall arrived, I started thinking about it all the time (admit I'm the most interesting person you know) and even bought a new book o' recipes for it.

Tonight, I whipped up some yummy chicken, later in the week I've got pork chops and sweet potatoes planned. But I'm really excited (again, my coolness is otherworldly) to make Indian Pudding, a New England favorite. Wanna come over and eat some wif me? Just as long as you do the dishes.


  1. Cindy C8:30 AM

    I used my crock pot twice in the past week. School had a crock pot luncheon...I bought the McCormick seasoning pkg. for pulled BBQ pork, and it was typical Texas for these Texans. Good, but never considered too healthy. This weekend I used country style pork ribs marinated overnight in a rub and then cooked 8 hours with KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce. The other white meat with more calories. Glad you are enjoying the cooker. C

  2. Crock pots are the shiz. I like making what we call Taco Bean Soup. As yummy as it sounds.

  3. Dude, everyone out here looks at me crazy when I talk about Indian pudding. And American Chop Suey too. They missed out not growing up in the north east. Happy crock potting. Can't wait to feel the little rogirl kick sometime. It's so exciting!

  4. I remember how awesome it was to feel those BIG movements. Hold on -- they get even better!

    Just found your blog. Love it.

  5. indian pudding looks like poop. i like it.

    i think it's super sweet that he finally got to feel her move. how special. i always imagine what that would be like. gooey fuzzy feelings.

  6. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Just found your blog...its great!

    I am a huge crock pot fan. Do you know you can buy liners so that you dont even have to clean it??? They are in the aisle with the plastic wrap


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