Thursday, September 17, 2009

A picture of a picture

From left to right: My little bro T, me, cousin Ben, cousin Christie.

Hanging on Gram's porch in Maine. (Sorry you couldn't make it, Sawyer! Another 18 years till you made the first cousin scene.)

This one hangs on my fridge and makes me happy.

Tho a little jealous of all those blondies. Baby lady has a shot, methinks...


  1. christie8:21 AM

    Cam looks so much like Trevor it scares me.

  2. All of you so honkin' cute, if I do say so myself.

  3. Remember playing war for hours on end and building couch cushion forts? Good times.

    That was my favorite t-shirt.

  4. You look the same!! So cute.

  5. Cuuuute. I want to scan some of my old photos sometime, it's always fun to see people's families and what they looked like when they were young.

  6. I like the "I'm a bit cool for this...but I still like 'em" recline that Christie has going.

  7. ding dang, ya'll are cute!!!

  8. christie5:01 PM

    Thanks, Clay. It was hard work perfecting that look. I think I nailed it.

  9. Christie *was* cooler than us. Tho I still covet Ben's Yale tee.

    Sidenote: Bean, I think the last time we made a fort together was the time T set fire to the family room. Prolly not a coincidence.


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