Friday, October 16, 2009

Bumpdate: 23 weeks, 2 days

It's getting hard to tie my shoes, guys. Which is why I made the executive decision to do away with ties and ordered moccasins yesterday. Please don't shame me if by the end, I'm grocery shopping barefoot.


  1. you're a hot preggo!!!

  2. towards the end I needed the hubbs to not only tie my shoes, but also put them on. I was in flip flops in 40 degree weather just so I could wear shoes.

    P.S. You are super cute!!!

  3. You're still so skinny despite the baby!! But you are def growing a baby! so cute.

    And I know you're super busy and pregnant and all, but you do owe me an email! I know you know! I'm just reminding you because I love your emails so much.

  4. it's getting so big!!!! i love it. i would totally wear flip flops. i pretty much try to already even though it's cold outside.


    i also like your super high ponytail.

  5. Cindy C7:01 PM

    Be sure to post your little feet in the new mocs. Hope you are feeling well. CindyC

  6. my hubby ties my shoes :)


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