Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear California's Central Coast,

I thought I knew about pretty stuff. But oh my. You really know about pretty stuff.

We had a good time, friends. Piddled down Route 1, stopped in Santa Cruz for a grilled cheese, found a bed and breakfast in Carmel-by-the-Sea (and the name don't lie - our room faced the ocean, I woke up to waves crashing, and after breakfast we walked but two minutes to the beach), had dinner in Carmel and grabbed goodies at a bakery, then met other roadtripping friends in their woodsy cabin-in-the-wilds (thank you, GPS technology) to eat S'mores and play board games (words I came up with on my turns - when other people were saying "potato" or "book" - included "bestiality!", "Hooters!", and "*unt!").

We spent the following day driving along the coast, singing along to Aretha (we do weddings) and oogling Pebble Beach and cypress trees and rivers and seals and mountains and - man. Lots of crazy beautiful scenery all jumbled together. It was a quick lil trip - we debated doing two nights, but ultimately we're homebodies and heard the siren call of our couches - but I'm v glad we did it.

Here are a few pics from our travels. I mostly left out the plain scenic ones, because I usually skim over those on a blog, and because my family just wants more belly. But please - if you ever have the chance to check this neck of the woods out? Dooooo it.

Oh! And Happy New Years Eve! Bring it, 2010!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


By all accounts, these types of things get trickier after +1 robaby, so we're grabbing a few things and setting off on a very last minute road trip to Big Sur. Why you be so ugly, California?

We'll listen to some tunes and maybe eat some In 'n Out along the way and stare at the pretties out our wagon window. Hopefully we'll find a place to lay our heads tonight (reservations? what're those?) after a yummy dinner at someplace yummy. Be back tomorrow!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nesting part two

Because I was finding a little too much happiness from all the cleaning product fumes, I ditched my beloved bottle of Pine Sol (it only lived with us for about a week before I had to pour it down the drain - I couldn't stay away) and slowly my insane cleaning fury has died down, replaced with a much better and more sustainable maintenance program. I've figured out some systems and seem to be sticking to them pretty well (they mostly involve doing a little + all the time) so that's keeping my obsessive compulsiveness satisfied/at bay...for now.

So then I turned to more lung-safe nesting activities - like cooking.

In the past few days, I've made homemade cream biscuits, cranberry scones, peppermint bark, hot wings - and a handful of from-scratch dinners, too. I'd tackle more - and I will - but I have to be careful with how much I'm scarfing and how much time I'm spending on my feet.

And so now we're onto decorating. Which is where Clay will always join in. Because he's only 76% straight.

We'll take some pictures as we get more done, but wooooo eeeeee are we excited about our last night/late night replacing of the heinous cheesetown light fixture our landlord had hanging in the dining room space. And now we're looking at paint chips to color this place beautiful; because as much as we wanted to stay simple and white in here - we're way too fruity to leave things plain. Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bumpdate: 33 weeks, 3 days

I've got no idea if these are even looking any different week-to-week at this point, but here we are! Bumpalumping along. Hope ya'll had a great Christmas, if you do that sort of thing, or just a relaxing day off if that's more your deal. I cooked us some brekky (first time making biscuits in celebration of the Biscuit - they were okay, but a little burnt on the and we opened our lovely presents and lounged around and enjoyed the view and talked with our fams on the phone and ate too much (I also made scones? wha?) and napped. It was a good day and holy what-the-what? Our last Christmas without a kiddo. Woh.

Biscuit's still been moving a lot a lot a LAHT lately so that can make eating/sitting/sleeping/living a leeeeeeetle uncomfortable at times. Lately, she's been going especially psycho during movies. We saw Avatar (fun! goofy! be sure to do it in 3D!) and she moved the entire 2.5 hours. Then last night we watched Inglorious Basterds (two big thumbs up) and she was elbowing (?) me the whole time; these super sharp pokes that wouldn't quit. So. She either can't get enough of the ceen-ima or she really hates James Cameron and Quentin Tarantino. I'll ask her in a few weeks.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have a holly, jolly one!

We're comfy, cozy, and cuddled. Hope you are, too! XO, friends.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I won't lie; the thought of being grounded during the holidays bummed my bum out at first. I've never missed Christmas on the East Coast with the fam and it seemed especially bad timing this year after missing Thanksgiving with peeps, too. I love dancing to Stevie Wonder's What Christmas Means to Me with my little bro, munching on fresh snow, seeing all the little kiddos run around with their new stuff, and just catching up with everyone over a cookie or four.

But I'm at the very edge of when flying is approved and after our little Missouri adventure, I feel a lot more relaxed on my own couch. As attractive as free airfare for life sounds, I really don't feel like sharing my crotch with a pilot.

So! This year, we're doing a quiet little holiday in our cozy little space. We bought and decorated a tree (the ornaments are a little slim since I've yet to steal mine back from Mom, but the lights sure are pretty), hung up some tinsel and tchotchkes, and I've cued up A Charlie Brown Christmas on Hulu.

But I'm most impressed with what's going on under the tree. Apparently, if you get knocked up and can't come home, the family showers you with things and more things. Dang! Thanks, fam damly! It's looking purty darn festive up in here.

We're calling these next couple weeks a staycation for obvious reasons, and so far I definitely approve. It's quiet, it's relaxing, and everyone's cleared outta town - leaving us to enjoy shorter lines at turkey burger takeout, better seats for Avatar viewings, and less crabby elevator run-ins. We win!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


In a nutshell.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Bumpdate: 32 weeks, 2 days

Double shot!

The front angle always weirds me out, so I thought I'd let you share in the weirdness. That "cute" little "extra" belly button up top? Oh, that's where my pierced hole never filled in. Things they don't warn you about when you're 19 and ready to get wild.

Still feeling pretty good, but I just don't know how there's anymore room for her to grow. She moves CONSTANTLY and with SERIOUS DETERMINATION. Like she's trying to bust her way out of my belly button. Or hip bone. Or ribs. I talk a lot about wanting to avoid induction, but seriously? By the time 40 weeks rolls around I'm pretty sure I'll be begging them to pull this baby OUTTA ME.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I won't have to give her the shots myself!

This morning I had my 32 weeks appointment. Zooming right along! Zip zip! Gulp.

All looks good with both ladies, which is always great to hear.

My only...frustration is how nonchalant they all are about this diabetes thing and whether it's, like, really a thing or not.

Meaning, the OB looks at all of baby's measurements and goes:

"Huh. So she's bigger than average, but really proportional all around. Her belly isn't any bigger than anything else, which is usually how it is with GD. In fact, her highest percentile measurement is her long legs. Huh! Probably she's just constitutionally hardy!"

And then she made sort of like a square-dancing-golly-gee-Popeye-the-Sailor-Man gesture.

And then:

"I mean, your blood sugar numbers being good could be because you're eating right or because your body just is handling whatever you're feeding it like it's supposed to. Your initial test results weren't really that high, so who knows!"

Basically saying - meh! Who knows if you really need to be pricking your fingers all the time or not! Your body is probably fine! But keep doing it! Because meh! Why not?


In other news!


And he's close by. And he's young and un-stodgy. And gets great Yelp reviews. And offers alternative vaccination scheduling if I want it. Or not if I don't. And has a sick kiddo entrance and a well kiddo entrance. And and and! I'm working on my marriage proposal right now.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I think it might be a Northeast thing

But we really love us some Billy Joel.

For me, his songs are all tied up with childhood dance recitals, high school adventures in my Jeep, first kisses on the T, long talks on the front stoop, and sprinting down Commonwealth Avenue to make class on time. Every single time I hear a song of his, I just feel like YES. I can't wait to get our little biscuit hooked.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I don't think Angelina goes through this

Dudes. I'm feeling like a teenage boy being prom-rejected. Over and over and over again.

It's time. Time for me to find the biscuit a pediatrician.


My OB gave me a list with recommended baby doctors for the lady baby. Admittedly, she started bugging me to do this a month ago. But - well. I didn't.

*karate kicks it out the window*

I spent today ringing up all these offices. The secretaries could barely contain the smirks in their voices when I said the baby's coming in two months.

"Hello! I'm having a baby in February and was wondering if you're accepting new patients?"
"Oh lovely! Great! Thanks!"

Rinse. Repeat. Sob. Eat a sandwich.

Okay but seriously, folks. Is waiting till 32 weeks to find a pediatrician the most sinniest of sins? Is this just a big city problem? Should I start reading medical textbooks and ordering syringes online? I'm very good with needles.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bonus bumpdate

As much as I love to do things with my main squeeze and other buddies and family members, I also really enjoy my solo time. I love seeing movies alone, I love roaming libraries alone, love long drives alone. Etc. This is one thing I know's about to change big time, so I'm trying to take advantage of and appreciate every little moment.

This morning, after dropping Clay off for his weekly basketball date (in Mom mode already!), I headed out on my own for the Farmer's Market. It was drizzly, but warm enough, and I got to wear my new rain boots. Piddling around from stand to stand, I picked out some apples, pork chops, a couple loaves of bread (olive and raisin rye - YUM) and some nom nom cheeses. I like this type of shopping - little grabbies here and there, no rhyme or reason and no real rush.

As I waddled around, I noticed a lot of beatific smiles aimed at the belly. It wasn't till I glanced in a window that it really sunk in how big I've gotten. I've been feeling so spry lately, it just doesn't feel like it.

But, uh, yeah. I am.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bumpdate: 31 weeks, 2 days

Happy Friday!

I like to call this ensemble my Stage Manager for Community Theater Outfit. Baggy black sweatpants and a matching turtleneck? Check! Just add a headseat, a marked-up Our Town script, and a self-important attitude -- and I'm complete!

Oh and stuff in the background? BABY THINGS. Lots and lots of BABY THINGS. I want to eat them.

Also, sometimes I like to look at myself from the front and do poses because I like to look unpreggo for five seconds. (Sidenote: If you don't know me in real life, this is how I like to stand when I'm hanging around. It's a little harder when knocked up.)

And now! Now, I must find somewhere to go so I can wear my new rain boots in the drizzle. Lates!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Post-appointment update and other stuff

Why, hello! And happy freezing cold chill my bones I'm not leaving my apartment Thursday! I actually just got back in.

Yesterday afternoon I spent two lovely hours at the DMV, finally changing my name on my driver's license. Everything else (social security, credit cards, my New Yorker subscription) has been changed for eons, but um. This just took awhile. The sense of accomplishment I got after I was done probably isn't healthy. Let's just say, things change after you don't have a job.

Then I drove down the peninsula to my lovely friends Lou and Christian's house (with a yard! and trees! and a driveway!) where I was invited for (a yummmmmy) dinner and a sleepover. Clay's traveling lately, so I really appreciated the night "out" - and I really appreciate my thoughtful friends for thinking of me. Lou's preggo, too, so there was lots of crazy cravings and nesting talk (put simply: I huff cleaning products, she buys beautiful things) and belly poking and food snarfing. Loved it.

Then! I woke up, we ate some brekky, and I ventured back to the city for my appointment. Which went well!

Everything on the ultrasound looked good - cervix long enough and closed, amniotic fluid levels fine, baby's head down and ready for evacuation. (I coulda told them that part - she's obviously taken up permanent residence on my bladder.) She's still in the upper percentile of size, but the interesting/important thing is it's an all-over bigness, not just her tummy. So she's got long legs and a healthy noggin and all that jazz, as well as a tum. The real red flag for GD growth is when everything else is once size and the belly is HUGE. When everything's proportional and growing at a steady rate (which it has since last month), it's prolly just a genetics/who-knows-why thing.

Bottomline is, she's healthy and happy and chugging along great. They'll take a look at her again in a month, just to make sure she's staying on a steady growth rate before labor, and that'll be that. The doctor said they'll really try to avoid induction and hopefully even let me go a few days past my due date before intervening. (They'll never let a GD patient go a full 10-14 days past due date.) Huzzah! That's good news.

But the best news came after my appointment with the nutritionist. She looked at all my food journals and blood sugar numbers from the past month and gave me two big thumbs up. My numbers and weight are so good, that I get to cut out 2 of my 4 daily finger pricks! Just one after breakfast and one after lunch now. Score. Fingers crossed things stay good! We both think they will.

So! That's the news. Baby biscuit is face down and low down, so I only got a few quick glimpses of her tiny profile - and no pictures. Maybe next month we'll get a better view, but as things get more and more cramped in there (seriously - how is she not having a panic attack from the claustrophobia?) good pictures get harder and harder to capture. We'll probably just have to wait till she's live and on the scene! *dances*

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The diabeetus

Thanks to everyone who's asked how I'm hanging in with my GD.

Basically, the answer is: fine!

The finger pricking has become (an annoying) habit and it's kind of amazing what your tastebuds will adjust to/what becomes the new normal. And it's not like I'm eating brown rice cakes and ice all day; I can enjoy mostly normal things (minus SUGARY BEVERAGES - I never have those, sigh). I just have to be really aware of the carb count in each serving.

This can sneak up on me in sneaky ways. Like...a big bowl of organic raisin bran with skim milk? Slow down, big spender! Healthy enough, yes, but serious blood sugar spike. So if I want that desperately (which I did the other day), I have to measure out very carefully 1/2 a cup of cereal and a 1/4 cup or so of milk. Clay knows I'm fixin' a "treat" when he hears the clank of measuring cups in the kitchen. It's all very Biggest Loser of me.

What I heard would eventually happen, though (and which has) is that I've found a group of foods I can rely on and eat happily with predictable blood sugar results. And because I'm lazy, I just eat the same things over and over and over. I have to write down every single thing I eat in a food journal for my doctors, so it's becoming a little embarrassing seeing those same foods parading through each day.

My daily menu:

Sprouted wheat raisin bread
Chunky peanut butter
Tea with milk
String cheese
Nonfat lattes
Chicken sausage
Cream cheese
Ice cream (allowed! in 1/2 cup servings!)

If we go out to eat, I'll mix it up with a burger or ribs, but this is pretty much my home menu.

The interesting thing is, I feel almost wholly satisfied after eating these things everyday. I stay full and have found things tasty enough to feel un-sad. I do miss eating without care and I miss cupcakes occasionally, but I don't miss those blood sugar spikes and dips I got even pre-pregnancy. I'm basically on an even keel all day now - which is nice.

Another bonus? I haven't gained any weight in the past month. Huzzah! Totally not a goal or something I've done on purpose, but it is a nice side effect of all these changes. Means my postpartum weight burn may be a little easier. And no worries - the doctor assures me baby is growing just fine even if I've slowed down, so I'll take the weight plateau!

Tomorrow I've got my first specialist appointment since they showed me how to prick and eat a month ago. We'll chat about how it's going, look over my food journals, suck some blood, and then take a look at baby. The hope is her tummy growth has slowed down and she's more on track with weight gain than she was a month ago. If she gets a thumbs up on that front, they're less likely to talk induction and other interventions - which would be great to avoid.

So! Fingers (all twenty of 'em) crossed!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

We've already gotten some really awesome

And beautiful and cute and thoughtful gifts for Baby C. (Thank you, thank you!)

But because I can't do the fair thing and feature every single one (and because she's a very lucky biscuit and may be receiving more), I'll just show off something yummy I bought myself. I mean herself. Her.

Ah! A black onesie! With a sassy butterfly and puffed sleeves and ruffled cuffs!

She'll be kicking ass and taking names and drinking breastmilk!

And the best part? Three bucks. Sassy and thrifty - that's my girl.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Cozy feet blankets

I've lusted after these for quite some time, but finally - after seeing this week's rainy forecast and realizing I'm about to have a baby smackdab in the middle of monsoon season - took the plunge.

I was torn between the dark purple and the greenies, but had to go with the color that originally grabbed my heart a few years ago. Plus, they match my stroller. Duh.

Can't you just picture these over leggings and cute, wolly socks pulled up high? A REAL SUGAR white mocha in the stroller's cupholder and a huge, rainy, San Francisco hill under my feet?

And now I must search for the baby-sized version.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

A little preview of February

Don't worry, folks - we didn't have a repeat performance this weekend. Just got this picture from our Missourah buddies and had a giggle over its awesomeness. I wish all the nurses looked like him.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Bumpdate: 30 weeks, 2 days

And who are my my co-stars this week? Why, our new car seat and stroller combo and a very cute Ken doll business model husband! Hello, nifties!

Chick mag-net.

(Apologies for the ghostly lighting. It's 100% fog-covered outside and makes it all spooky inside.)

Last night, Clay came in late from the airport. I was already nestled in bed, pretending insomnia wasn't rounding the corner, and soon heard him fumble into the darkness, exclaiming: "Ohmygodastroller!" when he saw its outlined shadow in the adjoining room. Just wait till the breast pump arrives...

But seriously, folks. Can you believe we're in the 30's now?!


Had my monthly check-up yesterday (which will now be an every-two-weeks check-up because, well, it's just that time) and all looks great. Heartbeat is happy and strong, belly measuring right on schedule, pee and blood pressure are problem-free. My Braxton-Hicks contractions are on a totally normal schedule now, which is a relief. I still get them a few times a day, but that's actually a good sign at this point - shows the bod is warming up for the big event. (Do I really have to do that? I ask myself ten times a day. Yes. Yes, I do.)

In closing, I remember my buddy Nik wrote a post this spring when she reached 30 weeks, about finding a carton of cream with an expiration date AFTER the baby's due date. This means that we, too, could find such a dairy product right now. N-u-t-s.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Yesterday, our car seat and stroller arrived. I was maybe going to save them for the registry (more on that in a soon-to-come post, I promise), but after realizing I wouldn't be able to even leave the hospital with my baby without a car seat - and the stroller I wanted is a really simple frame that goes with the car seat - I just took the plunge.

I put the little set together last night and oh my little heart just crumpled into a bajillion pieces. There's going to be a little biscuit in there soon! This is HAPPENING.

So anyways. That.

Then, this morning, I'm hauling the enormous boxes down to recycling in the garage. They take up most of the elevator, but it's 10 AM on a Thursday so I'm not feeling too guilty. But then Crazy Lady walks in. I shoulda known! She's always home.

She's in her...fifties maybe?...with a tight bun and Botox and red lipstick and huge Audrey Hepburn glasses and two small dogs and no wedding ring and a shaky voice and I'm afraid of her. I've also spoken with her like 75 times, which made this conversation all the more disturbing.

Audrey: *Cringes* "Ohhhhhh. So. Many. Boxes...."
Me: "Yep." *Crams into one corner* "Sorry about that."
Audrey: "Did you just move into today?"
Me: *Pausing to consider a life where a pregnant lady moves into a fancy high rise alone on a Thursday.* *Looks over at the very clearly labeled STOLLER CAR SEAT ETC boxes. And down at my huge stomach.* "No, I didn't. We're having a baby so this stuff."
Audrey: *Blinks* *Eyes my belly* *Contemplates her childless life* "Oh. That's...NICE."

I hightailed it out of there when we reached the garage, trying to forget every single Law and Order kidnapping episode I've ever seen. And there are a lot.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Either this is nesting

Or I'm in the middle of a manic episode and should be hospitalized.

I cannot stop cleaning.



I just cleaned Clay's toilet two times in a row because it didn't look shiny enough.

I spent an hour cleaning my bathtub last night, using two different cleaning products and two different sponges. I'm still not happy with the results.

We got a new vacuum cleaner and I'm dancing with it like a long lost lover. I've vacuumed over the same part of the rug 10 times just because I can.

While on the phone yesterday, I was having a hard time concentrating at times because that DUST ON MY RECORD PLAYER HAD TO BE DEALT WITH IMMEDIATELY.

I'm ordering handmade storage buckets off of Etsy to organize our electronic stuff and my knitting and magazines and bobby pins and and and and!

Last night, I researched online for...two hours?...different types of non-toxic versions of Pine-Sol and found a promising idea! But now I need to find it. I WILL FIND IT.

Clay ordered a squeegee (wow - I have never in my life typed that word) and I'm about to run to the store to get a bucket so I can fill it with warm water and soap and clean our outside windows. I hope if I start climbing on ladders, someone has the good sense to stop me.

I actually jumped out of bed this morning and got dressed before enjoying my sweatpants a few hours longer, because I was so excited to buy more cleaning supplies.

Should I put an ad out on Craigslist asking if anyone has seen my soul? Because it's been stolen.