Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bumpdate: 35 weeks, 3 days

Shirts don't cover my belly anymore. Beware, early preggo people! Garments you once laughed at for being "ENORMOUS"? You will dwarf them.

But really, dude. Is this thing for real? We keep saying it's like a prosthetic belly at this point - it's that big and...separate? I've decided to have a little talk with Mother Nature: How about we unstrap the belly at night and put it in a little growing pod? Then I strap 'er back on in the morning and do the heavy lifting during the daytime. Yes? No? Thoughts?

So the biscuit is still definitely baking furiously. I think she might be a ballet dancer like her mama with all the stretching and turning that goes on in there...ALL DAY LONG. Love her bum to pieces, though, and glad she's having fun with all

To think! Just a few more bumpdates and then she's outta there! Muah. We can't wait to meet her.


  1. christie12:01 PM

    And this is why you need those giant, humongo, tent-like shirts.

  2. your face in the first pic is too funny!

    you're all bump! i knew you'd be an insanely adorable pregnant lady!

    (I knew you'd rule.)

  3. AWESOME! You look great! And WHOA belly. Loves it.

    Isn't 36 weeks full term? I forget!

  4. Amazing! I've been disappointed by my friends' pregnancies here - so.....small. This is exactly how it should be! You look fabulous.

  5. you look SO FREAKING CUTE pregnant though. CUTE! but she will be cute, too, so i guess when you get rid of the belly, as long as you substitute pictures of the baby, i'll be alright. :)

  6. i agree with sammie.. you're a seriously cute preggo. well.. you're seriously cute when you're not preggo too. baby lady is a lucky girl. ;)

    just wrap a scarf around your exposed skin and call it a belt! new trend!

    i'm so excited that she'll be making her grand entrance soon! i can't wait to spoil her. btw, i need your address so i can send you mass amounts of things. :)

  7. ...*makes a path for you*

    i say just don't wear clothes at all, at this point.

    i like your hair down goodbye.

  8. Great tummy home for our girl...can't believe it is only a few weeks. You will have to do post bumpdates to show how the human body can go back to original form. Cindy

  9. thanks, e'eryone! sometimes i don't realize how big the belly's gotten until i see the wide-eyed stares of passerby...or the guffaw of my doorman.

    and @cindy: think again, sista! no way am i showing my post-baby belly to the world! *shudder*

  10. i am in agreement with cindy, and on top of that also think that you should take pictures of your butt/thigh area regularly and show us any and all imperfections please :D


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