Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crab apple juice

Punch punch kick punch kick.

I want to be alone in a dark room with fancy cable and a Snickers.

Punch punch kick.

And a foot massage.

Head butt!

And my own barista.

Karate chop!

And skinny jeans that fit.

Membrane sweep!


  1. I asked my daddy about membrane sweeping. This means biscuit love may be coming really really soon!!!!!!!!! All the punctuation means I'm really excited.

  2. just read about it! didn't realize it could jump-start labor...weeeeee! this = awesome sauce.

  3. EEEGADS! I'm so excited for you I am like NON STOP CHECKING YOUR BLOG STARTING NOW.

  4. umm...did I miss something?

  5. haha no, buddy. just a small chance the poking around today could get things going. but - it won't. :)

  6. Eww. Means to an end, though, right? Super excited for you . . .


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