Thursday, January 21, 2010

Docta docta

Yesterday, I had my "interview" with the baby docta. I didn't bring a clipboard with lists of questions or anything, just had a few important ones tucked away to ask after he gave his spiel. Since my mom's in town, I brought her along, which was good; it's always nice to have someone else check out the scene and let you know if you're insane. (Like in LA, when she helped me hunt for apartments and kept me from saying yes to...terrifying places with pitbulls and pee-stained carpets and no kitchens.)

I'm definitely sold on the practice and relieved I won't have to do any last minute scrambling. But seriously, folks, the guy is a crack up - a walking personification of California. He's babyfaced - all shiny blue eyes and sparkly teeth ching! - and talks like a Beach Boy. He's got boards (snow or surf, I'm too tired to remember) hanging on his office wall and he's all "dude" and "totally" and "cool" while we're talking Hepatitis B vaccinations.

After the appointment, he asked if we'd had lunch, before walking us across the street and demanding we try these "fantastic" sandwiches while he ordered a latte and chatted with the counter peeps who were all "Noah dude!" Definitely not the guy who'll be making you feel awkward for suggesting anything alternative with the baby or who'll act a conservative control freak. Good things for this little hippie skip.

Plus, he really knows about sandwiches.


  1. haha sounds like a winner!

  2. a man who knows about sandwiches is a man who knows his shit. :D

    i imagine him looking like a ken doll. i like it.

  3. Aw, niiiiice that you feel comfortable with him already. I love sandwiches and babies.

  4. christie7:57 AM

    Cute california dude + knowledge of all things sandwich = WINNER! *ding ding ding*

  5. he totally didn't picture my view of a baby doctor, but that's GREAT. baby doctors in my eyes are not nice and old and wrinkly and crabby. yuck. glad you feel good about it!!

  6. nothin better than a laid back baby doc!


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