Thursday, January 07, 2010



  1. christie4:19 AM

    Ooh, how are you liking Empire Falls? I thought it was okay. I slogged through it, but never quite finished it.

  2. Yea, I had a similar experience a few years back and wanted to give it another try. Liking it much more this time.

    Something about reading about New England in New England isn't very escapist...but now it works! ;)

  3. *lays in the middle of all your stuff and messes it up and knocks it off the table*

    more pictures WEARING your nerd glasses with a cute baby tummy, please.

    i would like to creep on your clear skin.

  4. christie11:55 AM

    Good call, Amy. I'll have to attempt it again if I ever move elsewhere. That will happen like.... never. Ah well. Sorry Mr. Russo.

  5. christie7:23 AM

    No bumpdate??? *sad face*

  6. Ok, literary nerd signing in here. I LOVED E.Fs. Especially when about three years after reading it I got the title...your book-lovin'ma


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