Thursday, January 14, 2010

I cannot stop

1) Sniffing tea tree oil. It's been my Pine Sol replacement - something that smelled really strong and quenched the pica cravings, but was natural and organic. I did a ton of reading about it and it's actually recommended that you sniff it to clear out sinuses and infections, because it's a natural anti-fungal/anti-whatever agent.

But I was getting too much happiness from it, I think. Granted, I didn't sit there and sniff for hours. And I never feel any actual effects (like an actual "high") from the sniffing (other than PURE JOY FROM THE SMELL). I would allow myself a few 2-second sniffs from the tiny bottle throughout the day. But when I realized I was doing it on the sly from Clay and...the world? It was probably time to say bye bye.

Down the trash chute it went at 2 AM. I'm missing it desperately.

2) Running into things with my belly. I even have a bruise, in the perfect shape of my bathroom's door frame, to prove it. The thing just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I just can't adjust my body awareness that quickly. Twice in the past week I've parked too close to another car and gotten stuck trying to get back in after shopping. Like, almost-had-to-call-for-help stuck. Then I finally broke free and climbed in the passenger side door. Which could be another whole post in itself.

3) I don't really have a three, but things should always come in threes. Right, Clay? So. Hi! Occupy yourself for a bit while I think of something.

*pulls up gigantic maternity jeans*
*loads the dishwasher*
*takes out ice*
*inhales the whole tray*

Oh right! Ice.


  1. sniff away! who cares?

    and belly bruises aren't good, but i can imagine it would be difficult to adjust to!!

    have you and clay decided on a name yet??

  2. Yeah, with you on that parking thing. On our street we have to park pretty close and there were mornings that I had to have my husband back the car out for me :)

  3. hahaha yup! can't turn around all the way due to significant girth, and also cant fit out of the door when parked too close to another car. can you even remember being all small and nimble?

  4. Your Pine Sol fascination is...well, fascinating to me.

    I can't imagine getting bigger everyday -- I'm so bad with spatial awareness anyway, I'd be a mess.

    Can't wait to meet Little Miss Robobaby.


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